Live like a hobbit in this amazing Hobbiton-inspired home

This fairytale ranch in Oregon is straight out of a Lord of the Rings movie set

It's a little fancier than Hobbiton's village of dug out dens in New Zealand, but Shining Hand Ranch and its 700 acre estate is every Hobbit fan's dream home!

sloping roof house with semi arched door and white window

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Perched high up in private woodland the size of a small island, Shining Hand Ranch certainly does just that - shine.

Making quite an impact on the natural landscape, the glorious blue mansion sits glistening under the low-lying sun, but it's the interior woodwork detail that will really take your breath away.

sloping roof houes with white walls and semi arched windows

(Image credit: TBC)

Inspired by the natural surroundings and built using materials that reflect the beauty of the land, this unique piece of Oregon art has been carefully designed to form a hybrid of Native American beauty and Hobbiton fun.

Throughout the mansion, curved edges and oval designs reign supreme. The organic contours were designed to reflect natural flows like water swirls from nearby salmon rivers and gnarled tree trunks.

house with semi arched wooden door white walls and tree shaped pillars

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The imposing doors that welcome you into the home are no exception, and inside the natural elements still run clear. Wood strips in honeyed tones represent sandy shores at the edge of the river, but the staircase steals the first floor show...

room with tree shaped wooden stairway white walls and semiarched windows

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Preserved Manzanita tree branches twirl their way around eagle statues and braid their way up the banister to the second floor, whilst sticks and branches lace the ceiling to form a protective canopy over the house.

kitchen with granite worktops and wooden cabinet on wall

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The circular kitchen honours the same fluidity, but granite, steel and high tech gadgets make this super-sized room a wonderment of epic proportions that lends a little luxury to the otherwise organic home.

room with wooden circular ceiling white wall and large white windows

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Throughout the property, vast rooms with conical roofs and floor-to-ceiling windows make stunning bedrooms and living spaces.

This is a pretty unique pad where nature, Hollywood movie set and luxury all meet in a distant location on Canada's border, and we're on board!

circular balcony with view of mountain and trees

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The ranch is on sale for an undisclosed price with LUXE Platinum Properties.

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