How to make monochrome chic for spring

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  • Give your home a spring revamp – and not a daffodil in sight

    1, Embrace whitewashing

    “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Or so said Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, and who are we to argue with such a cultural icon?! Why not try something a little unexpected but equally fresh, such as going for a bold, clean whitewash across your walls and furniture. Take a cue from the home above by breaking things up with a dark coffee table and accents. The real star of the show that pushes this trend way ahead of spring florals? The white beaded chandelier, which brightens and lightens the space up in spite of its large size.

    2, Enhance natural light

    One of the most immediate benefits of a monochromatic room is the effect that it has on light. Sunshine bounces off white and enhances the dark accents all the more. A large mirror will maximize this and create a bright space on even an overcast day. Reflective ornaments like the gold piece on this mantelpiece work the same way, so don’t pack away your metallic tchotchkes just yet.

    3, Blow up some photography

    Why not extend the monochrome theme into your artwork? Oversized black and white portraits sing in these spaces and, for once, won’t be overshadowed by more colourful pieces. The pendant lights above also draw the eyes upwards and really play up the oversized proportion of the photography, while making the room appear even taller.

    4,Dec(orate) your tech

    Frameless TVs are pretty cool, but a bold frame like this one brightens up the whole viewing area, taking it from a simple piece of technology into a striking design addition. This is also a perfect opportunity to have fun with textures, as the sleek plastic will contrast perfectly with some softer, more spring-like materials like feathers.

    5, Reconsider what is monochrome

    If you’re reworking this look for the new season, extend your views as to what counts as a monochromatic shade. Break out the deep blues and pale pinks as a nod to the black and white trend but with lighter, more traditionally spring shades. The room above still integrated the pure black and white with the rug, showing that the two interpretations can work coherently together.

    6, Don’t stick too strictly to the palette

    So you’ve decided to go for black and whites in your revamp, but you’re concerned about being too austere? There’s an easy fix – just don’t be too strict on yourself. Even a gentle nod to the trend can be really striking, as above with its monochrome artwork, black accented furniture and white walls and bedding. Softening things up, however, are the lilac curtains and rug and tan headboard, both shades which complement the theme but don’t detract from its fresh appeal.

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