How to fold a napkin into a bunny

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  • Discover how to make a napkin into a bunny using Country Homes and Interiors' easy instructions

    Learn how to craft a napkin into a bunny following Country Homes and Interiors’ simple steps.

    You will need

    • Square napkins (starched ones works best)

    Step 1) Open out the napkin. Taking the bottom edge fold away from you, press along the fold with your fingers. Repeat again to make a long rectangle.

    Step 2) Fold the left and right sides of the napkin down from the middle to form a equal triangular point at the top with the abutting napkin edges making a join line down the centre.

    Step 3) Fold the bottom left and right corners into the middle to form a diamond shape. Try to keep all sides and folds equal.

    Step 4) Fold the left and right side corners in once again to make a point creating a kite shape with the napkin.

    Step 5) Carefully turn the whole napkin over. Turn the whole top pointed triangle section down towards the centre creating an equilateral triangle shape with the point facing downwards.

    Step 6) Carefully turn the whole napkin over once more. Fold and roll the right side of the napkin over towards the centre. Repeat with the left and tuck the top of the napkin into the folded pocket at the top of the right side until it is held in place.

    Step 7) Stand the napkin upright so the two ‘ear’ sections face upwards and the pocket join is at the back, shaping the base to make the bunny stand firmly. Shape and adjust the ears to finish.

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