How to make a fringed runner

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  • Stitch your own stylish fringed runner following Country Homes & Interiors' simple instructions

    How to make a fringed runner

    Make a simple fringed runner using Country Homes & Interiors‘ easy instructions

    You will need

    • Fabric (we used Brompton Navy, £39.50 per metre, Ian Mankin)

    • Matching thread

    Step 1) Measure a length of fabric to cover the width of the table plus an overhang at each end of about 20cm. Measure and cut the fabric to the desired width of the runner plus 2cm either side for hemming.

    Step 2) Create a fringe on each narrow end of the runner by pulling the threads loose. Use a needle to help loosen, then pull the threads out. A good depth of fringing is around 2cm.

    Step 3) To stitch the side hems, fold the fabric under 1cm then another 1cm and machine stitch in place. Press to neaten.

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