How to make a noticeboard

Follow Country Homes and Interiors' step-by-step instructions to making a fabric-covered noticeboard

grey drawer brown pin board and flower pot

(Image credit: Pinterest)

You will need

  • Magnet board (we used a Spontan magnet board, 78cm by 37cm, £10, Ikea)
  • Fabric (we used Greta, ref 188-62, £64.50 a metre, Ofelia collection, Sandberg)
  • Matching thread
  • Tacking thread

Step 1) Place your fabric right side up and place the magnetic board on top with the shorter edges at the top and bottom. Use tailor's chalk to mark a cutting line 15cm from the top of the board and a second cutting line 15cm from the bottom.

Step 2) Fold the fabric around the side edges of frame so that it overlaps in the middle by around 5cm, open out again and mark this third cutting line. Cut out your fabric.

Step 3) Right sides facing fold the fabric in half along the length and stitch along the long raw edge taking a 5cm seam. Trim and press open the seam allowance.

Step 4) Turn the fabric through to the right side. Making a note of where the hanging holes are, slip the cover in place over the noticeboard so there is an equal amount of excess fabric top and bottom.

Step 5) Place the frame wrong side down. Fold the excess fabric over to the back of the frame, making two neat folds as if wrapping a present and pin in place. Turn the raw edge under and also pin that. Repeat at the bottom end of the frame.

Step 6) Slip stitch along all the pinned edges and remove pins. Use sharp scissors to make a small nick in the fabric corresponding to the hanging holes beneath. Hang your frame on the wall.

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