How to make a pleated drum shade

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Pleated shade ceiling light
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Looking for living room decorating ideas? Pendant lights can present a styling dilemma if you want something between a paper shade and a chandelier. While drum shades are a suits-any-room solution, they're often pricey. That's why this DIY shade (which also works on a table lamp) is ideal. Once it's made, hang it low over a table or up high as a focal point.

10 minutes


What you'll need
* 30cm Drum lampshade kit in Brick Red, £9.99, Needcraft

Give your shade a boudoir glam look by threading narrow ribbon through the holes and tying it in a bow to finish.

Step-by-step guide

pleated drum step 1

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1) Unpack the kit on a flat surface - you'll have a pleated
sleeve, two rings (one with a fitting in the centre) and a white
circular diffuser. Insert both your hands into the sleeve and open it
out, so the red side faces outwards. With the sleeve open, insert the
plain ring into the pre-cut slots at the top end, turning the shade
until the ring is secured.

pleated shade step 2

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2) Turn over the shade.
Use the pre-cut slots at the other end of the shade to insert the
second ring (with the central lightbulb fitting), so the fitting is
closest to the bottom of the shade.

pleated shade step 3

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3) Once the second ring is secure, turn over the shade again. Place the diffuser above the plain ring and secure it by pushing it into the slots you used in step 1.

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