Tuck into the IKEA meatball of the future!

The team at Space10 is dedicated to sustainable living - but this a space exploration like no other...

Space10, a Copenhagen lab supported by IKEA, is dedicated to sustainable living and finding viable solutions to major issues that face the world.

On its mind at the moment – meat.

With an increasing global population comes a demand for more food and a further pressure on the Earth’s sources.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t simply mean rear a few extra sheep and milk some more cows. The demand for more food has a staggering global effect.

From climate change to water shortages and deforestation, all this can be linked to the increasing demand for meat.

In addition, the UN predict our demand for food will increase a further 70% over the next three decades and truth is, our Earth just can’t take it.

Space10 recognise, ‘we need to be smarter and more efficient about the way we produce our food and be more open minded about food diversity’ and are starting the trend with their new food exploration: Tomorrow’s Meatball.

The aim is to find futuristic ways to create food without harming the environment and this means cooking up a scientific storm in the lab.

Beginning with the meatball (a universally loved food that appears in cultures from Italian to Middle Eastern and loved at IKEA stores the world over) the Space10 team is dedicated to finding ulterior food sources and production methods to create the much-loved ball.

Using a concoction of artificial meat, algae, bugs (how very
I’m a Celeb…) and 3D printing, they have created a weird, wonderful and highly intelligent menu to satisfy your cravings without damaging Earth.

What’s on the cuisine card? How about a meatball that combats the world’s food wastage problem, one made of powdered minerals and vitamins or even a lean, green algae machine?

Most difficult to get your head round may be this year’s craze – 3D food.

A revolution in food production, 3D printing machines are increasingly moving into the food market and have allowed the chefs at Space10 to design this meatball using beet leaves, insects, algae and proteins. The best bit is they didn’t even have to get their hands dirty!

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