Watch shoppers get ‘stuck’ in Ikea – as brilliant as it sounds

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  • Best Ikea prank ever? You decide…

    Visiting Ikea is a day out in itself – lunch (meatballs), picking up a few mini pencils, reenacting the scene from 500 Days Of Summer and getting cross when people don’t follow the arrows

    But what if you went into the Swedish superstore of dreams and couldn’t get out?

    Well, thanks to a glorious prank video uploaded to YouTube we now know the reaction of countless shoppers stuck in an Ikea room set with nowhere to go…

    The viral video, rather brilliantly titled ‘Lost in Ikea‘, is an oldie but a goodie, and has resurfaced thanks to some sharing on Reddit.

    In the clip, a group of unsuspecting shoppers are happily browsing Billy Bookcases and thinking about what to have for lunch while the pranksters move walls, shut doors and draw curtains around them, blocking their way out of the Swedish maze – no amount of floor arrows can help them now!

    Naturally the hapless shoppers start to freak out when faced with the prospect of eating Ikea meatballs for the rest of their lives, and the result is GLORIOUS.


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