7 mindblowing examples of Lego furniture

From a colourful dining table to an entire feature wall, you'll be suprised at the amazing creations you can build from Lego

Ah, the genius of Lego - hours of fun can be had building a wall, knocking it down and then constructing it all over again. Lego has been around since 1949, and it's grown to become one of the most iconic and universally popular toys in the world. The Lego company, located in Billund, Denmark has recently launched a new Sustainable Materials Centre to try and make the interlocking bricks more eco-friendly, too.

Have you ever though about the cool creations that could be built from these clever little plastic bricks? Many die-hard fans have taken their love of Lego to a whole new level. From multi-coloured tables to an entire feature wall, we're in awe of some of these amazing creations.

1.The Lego wall

Gilg, an employee at German creative studio NPIRE, decided to build a feature wall in his company office (as you do!). He ended up constructing this colourful dividing wall from
55,000 Lego bricks.

lego wall

(Image credit: TBC)

2. The lego chair

Part art installation, part quirky chair, we love this creation from Homeat8. We're not sure it's very comfortable, though

lego chair

(Image credit: TBC)

3. The lego-lovers bedroom

If you're a fan of giant Lego storage bricks, (try Argos for a simple version) what about making them into a base for your bed? Pretty clever, and they look very cool, too. However our favourite item has to be the lego storage head. This nifty little item is available through a Scandinvian design website, Wishingboard and we love it!

bedroom with table and lego

(Image credit: TBC)

4.The lego coffee table

Matt, a self-confessed Lego lover, celebrates all things Lego on his blog, Matt's Brick Gallery. He even challenges others to try to make amazing lego creations. We love his living room coffee table idea..

lego coffee table

(Image credit: TBC)

5. The Lego kitchen island

Fancy jazzing up your kitchen? Want to add a pop of colour? Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti of the Paris-based design team Munchausen have spruced up their kitchen island by covering it with over 20,000 Lego blocks.

lego kitchen

(Image credit: TBC)

6. The designer Lego bar

American designer, Arnon Rosan loved the idea of constructing furniture with giant sized bricks. He founded EverBlock, a
modular system of full-scale plastic blocks that stack together.

The polypropylene blocks can be assembled into practically anything from
bar tables to desks and come in three different sizes and a varierty of colours. We love his sophisticated bar made from contemporary white bricks.

designer lego bar

(Image credit: TBC)

7. The Lego dining table

Although we don't know the thinking behind this table, we're loving it's bold, eclectic feel.

lego dining table

(Image credit: TBC)