How to serve the best afternoon tea this Mother's Day

Personalise your Mother’s Day surprise and serve up the perfect afternoon tea

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Afternoon tea is a foolproof Mother's Day treat - who doesn't love a cuppa and a slice of cake after all?

Whether you're serving it like the Queen or giving it a zesty spin, customise your afternoon tea to spoil you mum on Sunday, March 6. Pick a style that suits her the most and get prepping!

If your mum likes things fuss free and hates razzle dazzle

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If your mum appreciates the simpler things in life and doesn't care for frills and faff then keep your afternoon tea an uncomplicated affair.
On a smart, white tablecloth serve traditional English breakfast tea from white china alongside mini cupcakes and cucumber sandwiches.

If your mum is a traditionalist and likes to do things by the book

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If the thought of going off piste is horrifying to your mother and she rather do things the ‘proper' way then you should stick to a quintessentially British high tea. Offer English breakfast and Early Grey tea with a variety of sandwiches (crusts removed, naturally) a couple of pastries and sultana scones with fresh jam and clotted cream.

If your mum is a lady of leisure who loves to lunch

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If your mum's favourite past time is lunching with her friends in swanky restaurants then you need to step your game up and make this afternoon tea a classy one compatible with Claridge's. Be sure to include all the trimmings, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and serve it in the fanciest room of the house.

If your mum likes to cosy up and chill in her free time

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If your mum would love nothing more than a movie marathon with her kids from the comfort of her own bed in cosy pyjamas then serve her something simple from a tray. Some warm hot chocolate and dunkable biscuits are all this matriarch needs on Mother's Day.

If your mum is a little on the wild side

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If your mum is artistic, bright and bold then you need to serve her up something zesty. Sparkling tablecloths, radiant bunches of pungent flowers, colourful plates and an array of exquisitely exotic cakes and foreign teas are what your mumma is lusting after.

If your mum is a perfectionist and likes everything matchy-matchy

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If you've got a fusspot on your hands then your china had better match and there shouldn't be a spoon out of place! Bring out the good stuff and continue a colour theme throughout the food and flower display for an impeccable and flawless afternoon tea.

If your mum is more interested in the food than the presentation

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Is it more about the food than the platter for your mum?
Serve fresh baked goods that are still warm and gooey from a simple wooden slab in the kitchen. Finish the look with a stack of mismatched side plates, simple daffodil display and forget the fancy napkins, opting for kitchen roll instead!

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