5 nostalgic toys we'd be happy to display in our homes

Take a trip down memory lane with this little reminder of some of your old favourites…

Most of us are busy concentrating on the present or working towards a better future, but occasionally, it's lovely to turn back the clock and reminisce about simpler times, when toys were the focus of our attention. Here are some that we still hold dear...

kids soft toys of sylvanian families

(Image credit: Toyrus)

1 Sylvanian Families
Where has time gone? It doesn't seem like long ago since we were obsessed with these, but unbelievably, Sylvanian Families have just turned 30. Their total cuteness lured us in and the fact that there were so many to collect meant we could never be bored.
Sylvanian Families Striped Cat Family, £15.99, Toyrus

rubik coloured cube puzzle toy

(Image credit: Rubik's)

2 Rubik's Cube
It seemed almost impossible to solve the puzzle and get all those pieces exactly where we wanted them, but we never gave up. It was fun twiddling the blocks around and around, and even after all these years, we can appreciate the cube for what it is - a cool and colourful object.
Rubik's 3 x 3 cube, £11.99, Rubik's

kids detective game in pink with printed green colour

(Image credit: John Lewis)

3 Cluedo
Doesn't every kid fancy themselves as a bit of a detective? This game gave us the perfect opportunity to find out who dunnit, and tested our memory power at the same time. All in all, it was fun, exercised our brains and is one we can still enjoy today.
Cluedo, £29.99, John Lewis

kids teddy bear with brown red and white colours

(Image credit: Argos)

4 Care Bears
Every girl in the playground had a Care Bear, and it was a case of choosing the one that represented you best. However, I broke the rules by going for Grumpy bear - because he was blue, rather than the fact that I was grumpy. His little grumpy face was pretty irresistible, too.
Tenderheart Carebear, £29.99, Argos

kids building game toy in wood colour

(Image credit: Woolworths)

5 Jenga
A great one for a rainy day. Hours could be wiled away taking out bricks, watching the tower fall, rebuilding it, then demolishing it once again. Such a simple idea, but endlessly amusing to kids of any age.
Jenga, £13, Woolworths