How to make a ribbon curtain

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  • Use pretty ribbon and braid to dress up windows or doors with this pretty bead craft idea from Country Homes and Interiors

    Sew a pretty beaded ribbon curtain with this project from Country Homes and Interiors

    You will need

    • 50cm lightweight floral cotton fabric (we used Liberty Nancy Anne Liberty Lawn fabric
    • 3.5m of 4cm-wide voile ribbon
    • 4m ric rac braid
    • Matching thread
    • Strong linen thread
    • Fine fuse wire (to thread beads)
    • Large and small beads (from a selection, Creative Beadcraft)
    • Length of dowel
    • Cup hooks

    Step 1) To make a 70cm-square curtain, cut five 10cm by 80cm strips of floral fabric, four 80cm lengths of voile ribbon and five 80cm lengths of ric rac braid.

    Step 2) Place one strip of floral fabric
    wrong side up, fold in the two short ends by 1cm and press. Fold in
    both long edges so they meet in the middle then fold in half along the
    length. Top stitch all round close to the edge. To make a channel for
    the dowelling, at one end fold under 7cm and top stitch in place.

    Step 3)
    To add beads, thread a large needle with strong linen thread and knot
    the thread. Push the needle out from the back of the narrow bottom edge
    of the strip, pull thread through up to the knot and remove the needle.

    Step 4) Cut an 8cm length of fuse wire and bend in half. This will be used instead of the needle (it’s more flexible) to thread the beads.
    Push the thread through the bend in the wire and then push the wire
    through the holes in the beads, with one large decorative bead followed
    by one smaller seed-type bead. Push the wire back through the larger
    bead, bring the beads up to the edge of the fabric, re-thread the needle
    and finish with a couple of neat stitches. Repeat with remaining

    Step 5) Take a length of voile ribbon and turn under at one end by 1cm then 7cm to make a channel for the dowelling. Top stitch in place.

    Step 6)
    Push the raw end of the voile ribbon through the bend in the fuse wire
    and then push the wire and ribbon through the hole in a large decorative
    bead. Remove the fuse wire. Match the length of the ribbon
    to that of the finished floral fabric strips, moving the bead as
    necessary, tie a knot under the bead and trim off the excess ribbon with
    a diagonal cut. Repeat with remaining lengths of voile ribbon.

    Step 7)
    Take a length of ric rac braid and turn under at one end by 1cm then
    7cm to make a channel for the dowel. Top stitch in place. Check the
    finished length of the braid against the finished floral fabric strips
    and trim if necessary before adding the beads. Use the fuse wire and
    strong linen thread to attach a large decorative bead followed by a
    smaller seed-type bead as for the fabric strips. Repeat with the
    remaining lengths of ric rac braid.

    Step 8) Thread one of
    the floral fabric strips on to a suitable length of dowel and centre it.
    Add the remaining strips, ribbons and braids in sequence either side
    (see illustration). Hang in place on wall-mounted cup hooks.

    Illustration Michael A Hill

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