Roll up for a walk on the wild side

This roll-up walker’s pouch is a simple craft project that will appeal to twitchers, foragers and mushroom gatherers. Pop it in your coat pocket before you set out and you'll be ready to forage, whittle wood or find your way

Lovingly crafted from natural materials and compact enough to tuck tidily into a jacket pocket, our walker's pouch is a practical idea if you love nature walks or an ideal gift for the person in your life who shares your love for nature.

Pop it in your coat pocket before you set out on your walk of discovery in the fields, wetlands or hedgerows, then have it handy for those treasured moments when you spot that rare bird or specimen.

The buttoned strap will hold important accessories in place, from a bird caller for attracting the local feathered population for you to view, or at least sing back to you, to a mushroom brush for dusting down the perfect field mushroom. (If you don't know your varieties, take a field guide with you to ensure what you gather is safe to eat.)

walkers pouch with pencil and brush

(Image credit: TBC)

You will need:
A square of leather, possibly from an old leather bag or coat, measuring three times the width of the longest portable tool. (No leather? Canvas, sacking or vintage grain sacks look just as good.)
Pinking shears.
Complementary lining fabric, measured to fit just inside the square but including a 1cm hem all around.
Buttons in complementary colours.
Leather shoe laces.

Step one
Cut out a square of leather with pinking shears three times the width of the longest portable tool. Now cut the fabric liner, turning under a 1cm hem all round. Sew to the wrong side of the leather.

Step two
Sew buttons across the middle on the lining side of the pouch, then attach a doubled-up length of leather and weave this around the buttons to hold tools and secure plant finds in place. (Be certain to sheathe any sharp tools before wrapping in the pouch.)

Style suggestions
Leather, sourced from a charity shop. Pinking shears from a selection at Hobbycraft. Lining fabric, Catherine Rose, col Vintage Blue, Cabbages & Roses. Buttons, similar from Bead & Button Company, Liberty. Folding knife; bird caller; mushroom brush, all Labour and Wait. Leather shoes laces, similar from Timpson.

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