How to enjoy the scents of summer all year round

Fill your home with easy-to-make aromatic citrus and herb fragrancers

pot pourri

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Create homemade pot-pourri

Making pot-pourri is much more satisfying than using shop-bought.

1. Line the base of a roasting pan with greaseproof paper. Carefully pick the leaves, petals and buds from gathered herbs and flowers. Scatter on the tray, along with thin slices of citrus fruit.

2. Place in the oven at a low temperature (110°C/Fan 90°F/Gas 1/4) for a few hours. Keep an eye on the petals, as they can catch easily.

3. Once cool, use a dropper to sprinkle over a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Blend then place into a bowl, ready or use.

citrus room fragrance

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Make citrus room fragrancers

Dot these simply crafted fruit pomanders around the home.

1. Cut citrus fruit in half, remove fruit centre and pat dry with a paper towel.

2. Pour some sea salt crystals into a bowl (add spices or cloves if you like) and shake in a few drops of essential oil.

3. Stir, then add a few more drops, if necessary, for more scent. Press the mix into the citrus half.

4. Cut a circle of muslin about 2cm larger in diameter than the fruit half and place on top.

5. Hold in place with an elastic band before covering with ribbon or string.

citronella candle jars

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Light citronella candle jars

Keep mosquitoes away with cute home-crafted citronella candle.

1. Wrap wire around the rim of a jar, then make into a loop for a handle.

2. Add fresh lemon peel and rosemary sprigs to the jar to keep the water clear.

3. Pour in some water, then add a couple of drops of citronella essential oil and give a gentle stir. Place an unscented floating candle on top of the water and light to keep your home and outdoor dining spaces mozzie free.

4. Add ribbons and hessian trim around the top of the jars for a decorative touch.

*Tip Shake in more citronella if required – or add country favourite lavender for a high-summer scent.

dry fragrant herbs

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Display and dry fragrant herbs

Tie herbs to a wreath to create a perfumed display.

1. Cut herbs – and flowers, if you like – leaving long stems, and group into even bundles.

2. Tie with twine, then secure into place on the wreath, hanging each bundle an equal distance apart.

3. Hang the whole wreath with plaited twine or rope tied to four sides.

*Tip Try different herbs to get a variety of scents. Mix lavender and rosemary for an intense perfume and, when dried, use to scent linens; or gather m int, thyme and rosemary for culinary purposes.

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