7 statement rugs to transform your home

It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a stylish rug – they add a splash of colour, an interesting texture, or an element of comfort to any space! And if you go wrong, who cares? You can just pick it up and start again, no trace left!

Playful ombr


This sea-inspired living room wouldn’t be complete without a dreamy ombré rug, not only imitating the sea itself, but also bringing warmth to a sparse, minimalist look. The mix of blues and fabrics add a little luxe to this fun space.

Unusual texture

This unusual geometric rug is the perfect thing for any stylish space. Its folding nature creates interesting lines and a hard-to-resist texture, catching your eyes every time you pass it.

Simple monochrome

‘Statement’ doesn’t necessarily mean bright, patterned and big, sometimes the rugs that make the biggest statement are the simplest. This plain black, rectangular rug gives this monochrome room further edge, contrasting dramatically with the bright white floors and furniture.

Eye-catching shape

Interesting shapes are sure to catch the eye of style-savvy guests, and this faded monochrome rug is the perfect example of how to create a subtle, but eye-catching statement. The jigsaw-like shape elongates the floor space, enhancing the sense of grandeur in this luxurious dining room.

Bright and bold

Bold colours and simple shapes make this rug the perfect addition to this fun kid’s bedroom. Contrasting with the bare brick walls, the softness of the rug brings a little comfort to this playful space, while keeping style very much at the forefront.

Dreamy comfort

Nothing screams comfort more than a fluffy white floor. This cloud-like rug turns this gold and white living room into a dreamy heaven – no shoes allowed!

Pop art pattern

This pop art living room is the only place we want to be on a summer’s morning. The colliding monochrome stripes on the pouffe and rug are enough to make your head spin. The stark contrast between the wooden floor, rug and bright orange sofa creates a look you won’t be able to take your eyes off!

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