A life with no walls or electricity bills awaits in this circular eco-friendly home

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  • Sweden’s first circular, passive house has been revealed – and it’s pretty stunning too!

    Could you live in a house without walls? Well, how about if it also came without the dreaded electricity bill landing your – circular – doormat every month?

    Swedish developers Simone Kreutzer and Tommy Wesslund have designed their most memorable build to date – a totally unique eco-home in the Swedish countryside.

    Villa Circuitus, which means ‘to go round’ in Latin, is a 4-bed home built in a cylindrical shape with no walls and total open plan living.

    But what makes the home one-of-a-kind?

    The Villa is a sophisticated and totally sustainable design that meets all passive house requirements. This means the build complies with strict environmental demands that must mean the design and materials used are eco-friendly.

    The rare, spherical structure wasn’t just designed because it looks. The round shape means the smallest surface area is exposed and thus reduces heat loss from within the home.

    Solar panels are also integrated within the balustrade – no giant, black rooftop rectangles here – and large custom-made windows allow natural light to flood in. This means less electric lights are required, natural heat flows in and of course homeowners enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

    Alongside these fancy, high-tech features is a widespread use of natural and eco-friendly materials.

    Recycled paper and glass are used throughout the interior whilst the exterior is constructed in Kebony cladding – a modified softwood that undergoes a patented process to make it uber sustainable.

    Balancing natural materials with eco-friendly processes and stunning design is no easy feat, but Villa Circuitus manages to pull them all off in a breathtaking build that soaks up its surrounding environment.

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