Terraced streets are the most friendliest places to live

Do you live on a terraced street? Well then you might just be residing in one of the most neighbourly places in Britain

From taking out our neighbour’s bin, to pet sitting or helping to decorate, it seems our fellow terraced house neighbours are a friendly bunch.

New research carried out by Anglian Home Improvement suggests that those living in terraced housing were more likely to offer their neighbours a helping hand. The poll of over 2,000 adults asked how well we actually knew out neighbours and what we’re willing to do for those who live closest to us.

While one in ten people living in flats said they would not be willing to carry out tasks for their neighbours (10.4%), this reduced by almost half for those living in terraced housing (5.5%).

In particular, those living in terraced streets were most likely to say they would babysit their neighbours’ children (23%), and help decorate (17%), and also more likely to cook their neighbours Sunday dinner than the national average. Roast chicken with all the trimmings? Yes, please!

‘From the impressive terraces in Kensington and Chelsea, to the neat rows of Victorian terraces in Yorkshire, and even fictional locations like Coronation Street, terraced housing is a central part of Britain’s property identity,’ according to Melanie McDonald at Anglian Home Improvement.

Find out how you measure as a top neighbour with this fun quiz.

Heather Young

Heather Young has been Ideal Home’s Editor since late 2020, and Editor-In-Chief since 2023. She is an interiors journalist and editor who’s been working for some of the UK’s leading interiors magazines for over 20 years, both in-house and as a freelancer.