8 ways to decorate for the space trend

This interiors trend is out of this world

Undoubtedly the hottest interiors trend right now, paint your walls a rich blue and blast off into space from the comfort of your own home.

blue wall room with glass round table and dumbbell designed seat

(Image credit: TBC)

1. Come in for landing

Set the backdrop for your space adventure with a deep, opulent backdrop like these painted blue walls. Go for retro, 50s inspired shapes like this curved dining table and shapely stools for a nod to the space race and add dashed of metallics for a modern edge.

printed canvas of moon on wall and orange sofa

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2. Shoot the moon

This giant printed canvas of the moon hung on the wall emulates the feel of free-floating in space. Plush velvets like that on this modern orange sofa and pouffe and the thick weave of the white rug bring moon-like textures into play.

hallway with blue colour wall red rocket toy of shelf

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3. The rings of Saturn

Orbiting patterns, planetary bodies, craters on the moon – the one shape synonymous with outer space has to be the circle. Celebrate the rings of Saturn with this spectacular console table, which seems to defy the laws of gravity.

star wall white lamp and golden tray

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4. White light

To combat those dark, spacey black and blues, add in flashes of bright white in statement futuristic shapes. This flying saucer-style table lamp looks like it's about to start hovering...

white chair gold cratered coffee table moon rock

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5. Moon rock

Chunks of natural materials like these agate bookends bring an unearthly feel to a space. Team them with this gold, cratered coffee table and set them against black and they'll look like mystical pieces of meteorite.

teal tipped bowl satellite dish books

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6. Heavenly bodies

Small details like themed books create a fun narrative to a themed room. This teal tipped bowl has an air of the satellite dish about it - fill it with flying saucer sweets for a tasty take on the trend.

dark blue bed dark blue wall textured red rug

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7. Sci-fi dreaming

Drift off into the stars in this dreamy dark blue silk bedding. The rich painted walls and textured red rug make the bright white of this upholstered bed almost levitate off the ground.

blue moulded armchair stargazer and textured rug

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8. Stargazer

Cast your eye to the stars in style with this moulded blue armchair and explore the universe without leaving your living room. To infinity...