Trending now: Knots and weaves

This trend celebrates the artisan, the beauty of the visible technique and natural materials

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living room with white wall and plant in pot

(Image credit: Out There Interiors)

Try some seventies chic witha classic ring chair and plenty of basketware. String ring chair, £300, Madam Stolz range, Out There Interiors

Designers are turning to crafts such as weaving, intricate macramé knots and delicate crochet where the visible technique and natural materials are all part of the beauty. The trend celebrates the artisan and nostalgia for a time before mass production removed hand-touched imperfections.

Weaves and knots

Macramé is taking it back to the seventies with boho style, you can find wall art and hanging planters from the likes of Danish brand House Doctor and Graham & Green.

living room with white wall and plant in pot

(Image credit: At No 67)

Go boho, you could knot your own wall hangings or planters or cheat and buy your own! Macrame wall art, £39, House Doctor range, At No 67

room with wooden flooring and wall hanging pots

(Image credit: Graham & Green)

Macrame plant hangers, from £47 each, Graham & Green

The use of woven rattan, jute, hemp and bamboo has trickled in from East and South East Asian design influences and can be seen in Native & Co's Rush woven storage baskets.

crafted weaving basket with copper lid

(Image credit: Native & Co)

Artisan crafts create beautifully unique homeware; Rush weaving basket with copper lid, in store, Native & Co

Ikea's Vikigt collection, made in collaboration with Swedish designer Ingegerd Råman. They worked closely with Vietnamese and Indonesian craftspeople to produce woven furniture, lighting and storage from natural materials. Whilst design duo Chudy & Grase mix industrial frames with wicker weaving for their cabinet and coffee table Meet The Wicker series, made with a family of traditional weavers in Latvia.

living room with white wall and black chair

(Image credit: Ikea)

Look for eco renewables such as paper or rush or bamboo woven furniture; Vikigt collection, Ikea

Loom and crochet

Textile designer Margo Selby worked with West Elm to produce hand-loomed cushions from her Whitstable studio, communities of weavers in India have re-created the collection; keeping the craft alive and supporting local business.

printed pattern cushion in black with white colours

(Image credit: West Elm)

Bring tactile texture to a plain sofa; Woven block cushion cover, £34, Margo Selby range, West Elm

Lighting designer Naomi Paul creates unique over-sized crocheted lighting from recycled textiles whilst Danish brand Madam Stoltz was borne from the founders love of her travels to India, see crocheted lampshades, jute braided stools, chairs and rugs available at Out There Interiors.

crocketed lampshade in white colour

(Image credit: Out There Interiors)

Love crochet? This beats a doily any day; Crocheted lampshade in white, £92, Madam Stoltz range, Out There Interiors

traditional craft modern designed vase

(Image credit: Otago range, Wolf & Badger)

Artisans of Africa, traditional craft fused with modern design; Kakapu vase B, £130, Otago range, Wolf & Badger

round fairtrade rug in cream colour

(Image credit: Northwood)

This fairtrade rug is woven from sustainable hemp; Daisy hemp rug, £150, Armadillo & Co range, Northwood

coloured handmade baskets

(Image credit: The Basket Room)

Handmade in by communities of women in Kenya, Swaziland, Rwanda and Ghana, each individual and one of a kind; The Basket Room