6 ways to refresh your walls

Transform your space with these dramatic makeovers for walls

If you haven't got the time or inclination to decorate an entire room, there are plenty of ways to pep up a scheme by focusing on just one wall. A fresh lick of paint is the simplest and most obvious solution, but why stop there? A plain wall is a blank canvas to indulge all your styling ideas.

So experiment with different paint types, from textured to suede effect to metallic, or go bold with a colour, from dark hues to neon brights.

Use that wall as a canvas for showing off collections of artwork or mirrors. Think of what you have and cluster them by colour or style. Maybe invest in wall stickers that can be swiftly changed for an evolving artwork.

Be brave because, as it's only one wall, whatever you choose can be changed in a jiffy.

1. Dark star

artwork display

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Darker colours are dramatic and a fabulous way to highlight artwork displays as they ‘pop' out of the background. Graphic prints and pictures are particularly suitable because of their sharpness. Dusky hues can absorb light though so using them sparingly on one wall is ideal. Adding a neon light gives a warm cityscape glow.

2. Wall wonder

chair with bottle and plant

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There are some amazingly realistic wallpaper patterns available that can give a dramatic look. Chose from faux wood, concrete, snakeskin and more. Or pick oversized images on a mural - you can even have your own pictures printed up.

3. Paint it black

blackboard paint wall

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Black is the most dramatic colour of all. But use blackboard paint and it can be a fun and practical addition too. Get creative with chalks - this is too good to be confined to the kids' room.

4. Reflected glory

mirror bounces light with retro glasses

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A well-placed mirror bounces light around a space and makes it feel larger. So go overboard and hang multiple mirrors to enhance the effect. A symmetrical display is more formal while a jumble of retro glasses can be creative.

5. Store side

Floor ceiling shelving with contrasting paint

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Put all your storage space on one wall to bring order to a room. Floor-to-ceiling shelving is not only efficient but can add personality if the items are neatly arranged. If you want to add colour, put wallpaper or contrasting paint inside shelving to make it more appealing.

6. Blurring the line

ombre paint

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Ombre paint is bang on trend and a great way of adding warmth. To achieve it, take two different shades, one at the top, the other at the bottom, and gradually blur them together with a paintbrush or sponge towards the middle, creating a misty effect.

Thea Babington-Stitt
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