Must-see wedding table decorations you can make in minutes

Looking for wedding table inspiration? Try these simple ideas for starters

No wedding table would be complete without an array of beautiful foliage and flowers. And this summer, the greenery of garden herbs, forest ferns and pretty spray roses are key – bringing a fresher yet still fragrant scent to proceedings. Here are four beautiful, easy-to-make wedding table decoration ideas using fragrant foliage.

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We've created  four wedding table decorations that bring together these elements, and the best news is, you don't need to be a professional florist to put them together. We promise!

Easy to make wedding table decorations

How to make name place cards

rose flower with potted plant scissor and rope bundle

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Creating a beautiful seating plan is high on any wedding to-do list, and we've found that keeping it simple is best and most cost effective. We love this rustic idea of dressing up luggage tags with stamped names and fragrant flowers. The names can be clipped on string lines per table, either taped or or tied to nails in the wall or inside an empty vintage frame.

Alternatively, if you'd rather keep it relaxed and let everyone can choose where they sit – and who they sit next to – put up a board telling guests to unclip their name. They can then take the name card with them to their table,  so everyone knows who they are – and in case waiting staff need to be alerted to the names of people with food allergies.     

1. Using secateurs, clip a few herb cuttings, gather and tie together with some string or florist’s wire. Try adding spray roses and waxflowers as a pretty detail. 

2. Make name cards or labels for your guests by printing onto paper, cutting out as label shapes and sticking onto card postal labels with double-sided tape. 

3. Clip these in front of the herb bundle, hiding loose herb ends behind the card.

4. Clip and hang along twine for a rustic touch or use butcher’s twine or ribbon for a colourful look.

5. Display on a wall for guests to find.

Style tip: These tags look just just as pretty on the table as up on the wall. If guests take them when they sit down, it saves you doubling up on name tags, too!

How to make decorative candle pots

wood with candle glass and blur background

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This cute candle idea is not only really easy to achieve, it's great for keeping the costs down. The glass jars could be posh yogurt pots, upcycled into individual place-setting candles.

1. Give the pots a good clean and dry thoroughly.

2. Wind around the pots some covered wreath wire, string or, for a bright touch, coloured wire, now widely available from good florist suppliers.

3. Before tying, cut some sprigs from your favourite herbs and slip them under the wire or string.

4. Tie securely and pop in a candle.

5. Light, then arrange individually down the table or group together as a centrepiece for more impact.

6. If celebrations are taking place outside, these simple jars can be adapted to hang from tree branches – just add another loop of wire that you can use to hang them.

Style tip: Make a statement arrangement using larger jam jars or preserving jars.


How to make herb bundle place settings

kitchen crockery with bread wooden board and rose flower

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Add a rustic - and extra-tasty – touch to proceedings by putting together herb bundles as a garnish for guests to use.

1. First, decide on the herbs you want – a mixed bundle is a good idea, matched to the menu, but bunches of a single herb work for less complicated seasoning. If you're serving lots of courses, you could even consider having new herb bundles brought out with each one.

2. To make the bundles, snip the herbs, and wash and tie in place with string or twine.

3. Place upright in water in a glass dish so the stems are on show and are kept fresh.

4. Display with other condiments and fresh flowers to echo your colour theme.

5. For a summery twist, why not add edible flowers, such as nasturtiums, pansies or borage.

6. Alternatively, you can serve them on the side with drinks. Cheers!

 Style tip: You can make these ahead of the big day to save time, but you'll need to keep the bundles fresh by storing them somewhere cool.

How to make a hanging wreath for a wedding

hanging wreath with leaves and paper birds

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Hanging wreaths are beautiful decorations for a wedding venue that will go almost anywhere. This herb wreath will fill the room with an extra dash of scent, featuring herbs, on-trend foliage and pretty paper birds.

1. First, make the wreath base by taking some cut branches of pre-soaked willow, twist two together forming a ring shape, twisting the ends around and in as it is formed.

2. Work more branches in until you have the desired thickness.

3. Leave to settle and dry.

4. Next, take separate stems of woody herbs, such as rosemary and thyme, plus fern sprigs and ivy tendrils. Weave with covered wreath wire – then hang up with twine or wire.

5. We cut birds from handmade paper and hung them with string and butcher’s hooks. Find bird images from free art websites, print and cut out to create a template.

6. As the wreath hangs, the herbs and foliage dry and will look good for a while. It’s also a base for more herbs or spray roses.

Style tip: Once the big day is over, you can reuse the twiggy wreath base throughout the year. Simply decorate with different seasonal accessories and plants.

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Making your own goes a long way to help keep costs down – all important when it comes to wedding budgets.


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