Irish island goes on the market for a cool £1.5 million (but you do get your own pier, beach and runway!)

West Skeam Island near West Cork, Ireland boats a pier, beaches and personal runway for the cost of small flat in London

City life getting you down? Well, how's this for a bit of peace and quiet?

Get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life on your very own 33-acre island that comes with three cottages, a private pier, an airstrip to land a small craft and 360-degree private beaches.

Yes, West Skeam Island off the South West coast of Ireland is on the market.

The charming stone cottages date from the 1840s and still cherish many of their original features. Rockville slate roofs identical to Cobh Cathedral sit above the renovated cottages that all have beautiful oak flooring, modern bathrooms and farmhouse kitchens.

A small courtyard area links the trio of buildings and makes them the perfect space for guests to enjoy some privacy when they visit - if a private island wasn't peaceful enough.

Outside, beyond the 33-acres of grassy land, West Skeam showcases rocky coastlines and private beaches which allow for both extreme water sports in the rougher sea sections and peaceful sunbathing on the quiet, sandy coves and shores.

As idyllic as skipping off to a desert island sounds right now, in the long run you will be glad to hear that the West Skeam is close enough to mainland Ireland to enjoy the benefits of high speed internet and 4G.

If you don't have your own chopper or yacht you are equally close enough to Cunnamore to jump on a ferry that stops off at your doorstep or Cork airport, which is only an hour away.

At the cost of a one-bed flat in London or a family home in Surrey, this island seems too good to let float away...

Fancy more information? Contact Charles McCathy estate agency.

Heather Young

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