This easy DIY project could boost the value of your home – and it costs less than £10

Want to switch up your home decor? This simple fix might just do the trick

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If you're feeling a tad uninspired by your home's current state, more often than not you want a fix that's simple, quick, and requires minimal effort. If you're itching to get stuck into an easy DIY project, we might have just the thing for you – not to mention it'll also boost your home's value: spray painting your door handles.

We've previously talked about how switching out your door and light fixtures is an easy way to update any tired-looking room (it's also renter-friendly, might we add), but spray painting your fixtures is another budget decorating idea not to be slept on.

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Needless to say, this isn't just another pointless home improvement that won't add value to your property. With the cost of living soaring, and the housing market expected to crash by 35%, homeowners are looking for creative and cost-effective ways now more than ever to redecorate their homes in an effort to boost their home value – without breaking the bank.

According to Home Logic, touching up your home with a lick of paint can improve the value of your house by around 2%, which isn't a figure to scoff at given the current cost of living conditions.

This easy paint idea will take you no more than a day to complete and will likely only set you back less than £10.

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How to spray paint door handles (and other fixtures)

'If your doors are looking tired and worn, a great way to boost their appearance, especially if you're on a small budget, is to simply spray paint the door handles. Spray painting your door handles can revamp any door, giving it character and bringing it back to life,' says Sarah Lloyd, paint and interiors specialist at Valspar Paint.

In fact, you could do this for any fixtures in your home, whether it be your handles for cabinets, drawers, and more. Considering how easy the job is, it's well worth exploring your options.

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1. Detach your door knobs

'Start by selecting the colour of spray paint for your door knobs or cabinet handles, we recommend using Enamel spray paint for the best results across common door knob materials,' advises Lucy Chadwick, founder of Knobbles and Bobbles.

'Remove the knobs from the doors using a screwdriver or any necessary tools. Clean the knobs thoroughly to remove any dirt or grease. Afterwards, use fine sandpaper to lightly sand the surface of the knobs. This will help the paint adhere better.'

2. Priming

'If your knobs are made of materials like plastic or metal, they may not hold the paint well, we recommended applying a primer specifically designed for those materials. This can improve the longevity of the paint,' adds Lucy.

You can find lots of options for paint primer on Amazon, tailored specifically for your needs.

Bedroom with white wooden floorboards, fitted blue panelled style wardrobe and French cane bed

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3. Spray painting

'Find a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors, or open windows for safe ventilation. Shake the enamel spray paint can adequately for about a minute to ensure proper mixing. Hold the can about 6-8 inches away from the knobs and apply a thin, even coat of paint,' explains Lucy.

'Start spraying off to the side, then move across the knobs in a smooth and continuous motion. Allow the first coat to dry completely according to the instructions on the paint can.'

Apply additional coats as necessary.

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4. Drying and reinstallation

'The initial process of spray painting your door handles is quick and easy, however, it's important you don’t re-attach the handles until they are completely dry,' warns Sarah Lloyd at Valspar Paint.

'You'll find the paint dries more quickly on the surface, than the under-coating, so it’s advised to wait a few days for the handles to dry to avoid causing any fingerprints or chips on the handle.'

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And there you have it, you've successfully spray-painted your door and cabinet handles! If this little project has got you spray-paint crazy, why not consider spray-painting your bathroom taps too while you're at it?

Life's too short to have boring fixtures in your home, so whether you're switching them out completely or giving them a fresh coat of paint, best believe we're on board.

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