Everyone on TikTok is obsessed with this renter-friendly upgrade – and it couldn't be easier

We never used to pay any mind to the boring, old fixtures in our homes... until now

Decorated pink stairway and wall art
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In need of some inspo for decorating a rental home or flat without risking losing your deposit that isn't the same five tips over and over again? This simple upgrade is quick to do and makes the world of a difference in injecting some personality into your rented home. Not to mention, everyone on TikTok is loving it.

For those of us living in a rented property, you know we sure have to get creative if we want to succeed with actually fleshing out our interior dreams and getting on board with the many home decor trends we see taking social media by storm.

Blue, white, and pink doorway leading into hallway

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Truth be told, there are only so many rugs, cushions, and throws we can decorate our rooms with to convey a personal and homey feel before we decide to call it quits.

And given that our options for installing living room wall decor or bedroom wall art are a little more on the limited side, what's the next best option? Swapping out existing fixtures, namely door knobs, handles, and wait for it – light switch covers.

Decorated pink stairway and wall art

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The quick renter-friendly upgrade you need to jump on

Following a TikTok video posted by Camille Lenore Nichelini (@camillelenore) outlining various easy renter-friendly upgrade ideas that went viral, racking up nearly 700,000 views, people have been calling her tip on switching out handles, lampshades, and light switch covers 'brilliant' – and we agree.


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'One of my favourite easy updates to make is changing out the knobs,' says Camille. 'I want to emphasise though, do not lose the original knobs that your apartment came with. Store away all that stuff in a place you will not forget and you will not lose.'

'The same thing with light switch covers. Feel free to get a fun cover that matches your personality. Light switch covers are usually just attached with two screws, so replacing it and putting it back is easy.' And for some, they're just stickers or attached around the light switch, so no tools are necessary – even better.

Frankly, we think this is genius, and the light switch cover tip, in particular, has us wanting to swap out all of ours now.

We asked the experts what they thought of these tips, and they were all for them.

'When you first move into a flat, it's always a good idea to give some TLC to the forgotten areas that likely haven't been upgraded for years,' says Marlena Kaminska, designer at ValueLights

'Micro-improvements such as swapping any doorknobs or replacing light switch covers are subtle changes which can make all the difference to your living experience.'

Blue chest of drawers and double sink in bathroom

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This small change can truly elevate a seemingly ordinary piece of hardware into something luxurious,' agrees Deidre McGettrick, home expert, co-founder and CEO of ufurnish.com.

This way, you can even coordinate them with your living room colour scheme or other soft furnishings in your home.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, remember to store any original features in a safe place so you can revert any changes made when you move out.

Kitchen counter and cabinets with gold handles, wooden chopping board

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'While it can be frustrating to purchase items for a rented place, it's worth investing in these smaller features as they can easily be transported to any future home and will instantly make any space feel like your own,' adds Marlena from ValueLights.

Arched black mirror reflecting chest of drawers, vases, wall art

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We know we don't typically look at handles, light switches, and the lot in a home, but perhaps it's because we never actually realised we could have so much fun with them.

As someone living in a rented flat myself, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't piquing my interest. So, if you see browsing through Etsy, you already know what's up.

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