‘If it’s good enough for Mother Nature, it’s good enough for me’ – Molly Coath creates a range of earthy paints with V&Co

Douse your walls in a warming autumnal colour palette with the Molly Coath x V&Co paint collaboration

V&Co x Molly Coath collaboration
(Image credit: Joanna Woodford (Studio Florere))

As the days become shorter and significantly colder, we’re also getting ready to update our homes with some warm and cosy colour scheme ideas. And if you’re looking to extend the nature-inspired shades of the season onto your walls, then you’ll be happy to hear that an exciting collab of autumnal paint ideas just hit the shelves.

Last week, Interior Design Masters contestant Molly Coath revealed a collection of six new paint colours, created in partnership with paint brand V&Co and available exclusively at B&Q. And the range screams autumnal vibes, even if that was purely accidental, according to Molly. ‘The autumnal palette was actually semi-unintentional. I curated six shades that are just my favourite colours. However, autumn does seem to be my absolute favourite colour palette!’ 

So if not autumn, what was the interior designer’s inspiration? And what shade does she recommend for which room? She reveals all of that and more.

Interior designer Molly Coath launches a collaboration with V&Co Paint

V&Co x Molly Coath collaboration

(Image credit: Joanna Woodford (Studio Florere))

Known for her colourful and fun-loving approach to interior design, Molly always strives to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Whether it’s autumn or not.

‘I would always recommend warm colours as I always want a space to feel cosy and welcoming, whatever the season. And I think this palette definitely creates that feeling,’ she says.

Designed to complement one another and be layered on top of each other, every one of the six new hues has a personal story behind it related to Molly’s life. ‘The collection feeds my love for vibrant colour but in a rich, moody and earthy way. Each colour tells a story and all six shades can be interchanged to perfectly coordinate and contrast with one and other.’

V&Co x Molly Coath collaboration

(Image credit: Joanna Woodford (Studio Florere))

So what are these shades that we speak of?

The brightest of them all, Shade 1, also known as Toria Tagine, is a warm, golden yellow colour inspired by Molly’s travels to Morocco and a particular mustard tagine pot that she encountered and was served delicious Moroccan food from.

Molly shares that purple is and always has been her favourite colour. So it’s perhaps no surprise a shade of purple appears in the collection twice. Shade 2, called Damson in Distress, is a dark and moody aubergine colour, while Shade 5 is more of a burgundy referencing the walls of Molly’s parents’ bedroom growing up.

‘I would love to use Shade 2, Damson in Distress, for a rich dining room and colour drench the whole space - really commit to the moody, opulence of it,’ Molly says presenting a bold dining room colour scheme idea.

V&Co x Molly Coat collaboration

(Image credit: Joanna Woodford (Studio Florere))

Shade 3, nicknamed Molly’s Olive, is a shade perhaps most rooted in nature, sourcing inspiration from the designer’s grandparents’ garden. ‘The colour of plants and nature. If it’s good enough for Mother Nature, it’s good enough for me.’

Shade 4, Margot’s Blush, is a soft pink named after Margot Fonteyn, Molly’s favourite ballet dancer, which we’re told makes for the perfect addition to a bedroom colour scheme.

V&Co x Molly Coat Shade 6

(Image credit: Joanna Woodford (Studio Florere))

And finally, Shade 6 called Copper Top, is a tribute to Molly’s mum. ‘Copper top is a name my mum was referred to a lot when she was a kid, due to her red hair. This shade is named after her and her gorgeous wild mane. She is my best friend and my biggest inspiration,’ Molly sweetly concludes.

The V&Co x Molly Coath collection of paints is available exclusively in B&Q stores and is soon to be launched on B&Q’s website.

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