I'm a serial renovator – this is the white paint I couldn't go without

It's a home reno game changer

Kitchen painted with white walls and navy and grey cabinets
(Image credit: Future/Laura Crombie)

Serial renovator shares the best white paint available on the market if you're looking for ease and a quality finish – and she couldn't be without it.

White is a paint idea that never goes out of style, proving to be timeless and well-sought-after within interiors time after time. Knowing how to paint a wall and paint a ceiling will serve you wonders if you're looking for a quick pick-me-up DIY project for your home.

Kitchen painted with white walls and navy and grey cabinets

(Image credit: Future/Laura Crombie)

The best white paint to use when renovating a home

We asked Ideal Home's Content Director, serial renovator, and homes and Interiors journalist, Laura Crombie, what she would rank as her favourite white paint.

Laura has renovated three homes and previously advised homeowners on their interior design and renovations as part of the Real Homes Show.

Living room with pink accent wall and navy sofas as seen through white painted archway

(Image credit: Future/Laura Crombie)

'I've used white paints from pretty much every manufacturer and the best is one most people haven't heard of – Tikkurila Anti Reflex 2.'

She adds, 'It's technically a ceiling paint but can be used everywhere. It's a brilliant white, completely matt, and you don't get roller marks or streaks.'

'It's also really forgiving if you have any lumps or bumps on your walls that you'd rather not draw attention to.' It's looking like a must-have if you're trying to avoid having to tend to many paint problems.

Nursery with pink painted walls and white furniture

(Image credit: Future/Laura Crombie)

You can get your hands on the Anti Reflex White 2 on the Tikkurila website or B&Q as an online exclusive starting from £28.09 for 3 litres to £69.78 for 10 litres. 

Laura's top tip for a flawless finish is to use the biggest roller and roller tray that you can. 'Work in 1m2 sections, applying paint in the opposite direction to the natural light source/window first, and then rolling off in the direction of the natural light.'

'Wrap your roller in silver foil between coats and place a layer of cling film over the paint tray to stop it from drying out.'

White painted bathroom with hanging circle mirror and teal accents

(Image credit: Future/Laura Crombie)

Currently, Laura is renovating a four-bed detached house on a DIY basis, doing everything from tiling to building wardrobes. She notes, 'Decorating is the DIY job that's easiest to achieve and can save you a lot of money.'

When DIY can be this easy, what's stopping us from giving it a go in our own homes?

Jullia Joson
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