7 colours to paint your fence to make a garden look bigger, according to experts

Choosing the right colour to maximise your outdoor space, rather than restrict it

Grey painted garden fence with garden bench and table
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Experts reveal the colours you should consider painting your fence to make a small garden look bigger.

It's safe to say that the season of BBQs, garden parties, and lounging around outdoors has finally come around – and what better way to refresh your outdoor space than to give your garden fence ideas a much-needed update?

If your garden is a little spatially challenged, you'd be surprised at the difference in knowing how to paint a fence can do to extend your outdoor space's boundaries and give your small garden ideas the illusion that it's a lot larger than it actually is.

Grey painted garden fence with garden bench and table

(Image credit: Cuprinol)

7 fence colours that make a garden look bigger

We've heard the lowdown from the experts on the garden fence colours you should avoid, but now many of us may be left with the question: 'What colour should we paint our garden fence then?'

Here's what the experts have to say to ensure you can maximise your outdoor space's boundaries.

Grey painted garden fence with Jubilee themed garden party

(Image credit: Cuprinol)

1. Light grey

As far as gardens go, opting for any sort of neutral colour is a sure way to create the illusion of more space, and light grey is a favoured option by many.

Marianne Shillingford, colour expert and creative director at Cuprinol recommends a light grey as it softens and blurs the frame of your garden, making it look much bigger than it is.

Grey painted garden fence with scooter bike parked outside

(Image credit: Cuprinol)

Pol Bishop, gardening and landscaping expert at Fantastic Services also adds that light grey 'complements a variety of landscaping styles and allows plants and flowers to stand out.'

If you're after a paint recommendation, Marianne suggests Herring Grey from Cuprinol's new Ducksback range, which you can buy at B&Q for £12.

2. Lighter, softer shades of green

Although some experts advise against some shades of green when painting a garden fence, softer, lighter shades of green also help to soften and blur your garden's boundaries.

Marianne Shillingford recommends Cuprinol's Misty Heathland, which you can also buy at B&Q for £12.

She adds, 'The beautiful homely, earthy, natural green of Misty Heathland also helps to add an element of comfort to your garden retreat. Capturing the essence of wild open landscapes, it helps to showcase spring colours.'

outdoor living space with green painted wall with wall lights, patterned rattan chairs, BBQ, plants, set table, tumblers

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3. Light blue

'A light fence can create a feeling of openness and tranquillity in your garden. Blue is typically considered a calming colour that helps to create a sense of relaxation and peace,' says Pol Bishop at Fantastic Services.

'Besides that, light blue is a classic colour choice for a garden fence that provides a feeling of depth.'

Blue fence with in front of bed with climbing flowers

(Image credit: Future PLC)

4. Soft pink

This one might come as a surprise to some, but using light, soft shades of pink can really create the illusion of more space.

Sylvia James and Calum Maddock, an interior designer and a gardening expert from Homehow.co.uk say, 'If you are willing to be a bit more daring with your fence colour, then a soft pink is the perfect colour, especially in the sunshine and when the sun sets. Lighter colours can often blur the boundaries of your garden and can make it feel bigger.'

5. Deep, natural colours

Caroline Thornborough, director of Thorndown says, 'Your fence can visually extend a boundary when painted in the right shade. Deep and natural colours, such as Thorndown Wood Paint in Yew Green (available to buy at Robert Dyas for £22.99) or Blackthorn (also available at Robert Dyas for £24.99), are ideal.'

Caroline adds that a dark grey like Thorndown Wood Paint Bergamot Grey, which you can also buy at Robert Dyas for £24.99, will also dissolve a boundary and make a great backdrop to highlight plants.

Dark grey painted garden fence with garden bench and outdoor plants

(Image credit: Thorndown)

6. Pale yellow

'Pale yellow is a warm and inviting colour that can create a sunny and welcoming atmosphere in your garden. Besides that, it can also complement a variety of landscaping styles and colours very well,' advises Pol Bishop at Fantastic Services.

Neutral tones, such as beige, sand and ivory are also great options that have a similar effect. It's a perfect choice if you're after a cottagecore feel with your garden landscaping ideas.

7. Black

Yep, you heard that right. Mark Gregory, MD of Landform Consultants and designer of The Savills Garden says, 'If you want to maximise the feeling of space in your garden then you need to consider a recessive colour for your boundary.'

Typically, when we think of recessive colours, our minds shoot to the colours we listed above, such as soft greys, blues, and greens. However, an alternative for anyone feeling a little bolder is black.

'Although some may think it an odd choice, our eyes don’t register the colour as well, enabling us to focus more on the garden and plants, it is almost as if the boundary disappears,' explains Mark.

black fence in garden with pot plants and pathway

(Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd)

Choosing the right colour to paint your fence can give the illusion of a bigger garden
and help to visually extend a boundary when done correctly – so it definitely pays to pick a colour to maximise your garden's space rather than restrict it.

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