Mum created an adorable hallway tribute to her children for under £80

All it took was some wall clocks, frames and a bit of self-adhesive vinyl…

If you've been looking for ways to give your hallway a makeover then take a leaf out of this mum's book, as she created a cool tribute to her six children.

Having thought about different stairway wall decor ideas, Janine Cars from Devon came up with this novel approach, which not only gave the space a new look but cost her under £80.

Racking her brain for a way of adding some excitement to her hallway, Janine decided to create the tribute to her children, aged 10 months, four, eight, 10, 13 and 15. 'I recently started to decorate the hall and stairs and really wanted something different to take centre focus on the wall,' she told money-saving community

Hallway tribute makeover

clock and photo frames

(Image credit: Future PLC/Janine Cars)

Determined to find a way of bringing pizzazz to her hallway ideas without spending a fortune, Janine decided to print out self-adhesive wall vinyl and buy some clocks and frames from Asda to create the tribute. The feature wall has each of her children’s time and date of birth, as well as their names, birth weights and photographs.

'I saw a few similar ideas on the internet, but nothing with the wow factor,' Janine recalls. 'I sent some screenshots to my friend Amanda, who has a small business called Wavey Soul. She specialises in macrame, however, she also does wall decals.'


staircase side wall before make over

(Image credit: Future PLC/Janine Cars)

Having explained her vision, Janine commissioned Amanda to create some wall decals with each child's name, birth weight and date of birth.

As the writing is self-adhesive, it's easy to attach each word to the spot that you want it. 'You simply place the words on the wall, rub the decal to secure and peel back the transfer paper it's on,' says Janine.

The wall clocks and picture frames were bought in her local Asda, and Janine used a spirit level and tools to put them up on the wall. 'The frames were £1.50 for two, and I bought six so they cost £4.50 in total,' she says. 'The clocks were £6 each and it cost me £36 for the wall vinyl.'


staircase with side wall with clock and photo frame

(Image credit: Future PLC/Janine Cars)

Printing out the photos online also helped keep costs down, and each one came to just 50p! Janine is over the moon with how her hallway turned out – and luckily, so is her family.

'My partner Pete and the kids thought I was crazy at first, but now they all love it,' she adds. 'I'm so happy with it and I really love that I can see my babies' first pictures every day and be reminded of how small they used to be. I've had some lovely feedback about my stair art and I'm really in love with it!'


We think it's a lovely sentimental touch – has this inspired you to create your own family wall tribute?

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