This Miami-cool hallway makeover cost less than £100!

Clever colour-blocking makes this pastel perfect hall a feast for the eyes

For an affordable hallway makeover, this dreamy pastel scheme is hard to beat. Costing less than £100, it's gone from dark and dingy to deliciously sweet, with contrasting shades that really pack a punch.

Pastels, it seems, are pretty timeless, but in the last few years we've seen them go modern. Candy-coloured hues have evolved and are being used in new and exciting ways – like in this hallway idea belonging to Hannah Bishop from Edinburgh.

Pastel hallway makeover

With just £87, the couple totally turned their hallway around, spending £77 on paint and £10 on filler, to complete the transformation. 'I love playing with unusual colour combinations inspired by the world around me,' says Hannah. 'Such as the vibrant beach huts of Brighton or street art around Leith where we live now. I'm always looking for fun ways to transform spaces on a tight budget.'

If you want to find out how to make a narrow hallway look wider or get some banister ideas, read on to see what Hannah has achieved…


hallway with stairway and cupboard

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The hall was certainly in need of some love, with old grey carpet and wood panelling that made the space look darker than need be. Then there's the built-in mosaic alcove storage, which looks like it could do with a revamp too.

hallway with stairway and black cat

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When it came to the preparation, Hannah did all the work herself to keep costs down. 'Before I started, the walls were covered in a woodchip wallpaper, so I started by stripping them, which was no easy process,' she says. 'Preparation is key, though, especially if you're transforming something with paint like we have.  You'll always need to sand more than you think you will, too.'

Once the wallpaper was stripped, Hannah and her husband inspected the walls and decided to use filler to smooth them out, rather than paying to get them replastered.

'We got to work ripping up the old carpet, removing the carpet grips and nails, filling any holes with wood filler, before sanding every wooden surface and the hand rail multiple times,' she says.

After: Miami-vibe colour blocking

hallway with stairway on pink colour

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It may have been a slog when it came to all the preparation, but the results were well worth it. This happy hallway is now a colour-lover's dream. The stairs have been treated to a vibrant lilac shade, while the panelling is now peppermint coloured and the handrail a light pink. Even the alcove has been given a lick of paint to make a feature of it, and the cupboard handles are now a more modern, pink design.

'The great thing about simply using paint to update a space is that you don't really need to add anything,'says Hannah. 'We just made the most of what was already there.'

hallway with stairway and painting on wall

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The walls have been painted white, to keep them looking fresh against all the pastels. While the fun artworks give you something to admire as you walk up or down the stairs.

'Our interiors are very much trial and error,' says Hannah. 'We give anything a go and aren't afraid to make mistakes. If you can shake off the fear and just try things out, you can land on some really beautiful spaces.'

hallway with stairway and painting on wall

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Using four different colours (lilac, mint, pink and white) has given each feature its own identity. Yet the space still feels cohesive and well balanced.

'I'd recommend picking two fresh colours that are often not combined with one another,' says Hannah. 'Like mint and lilac or pink and yellow.'

DIY Punch-needle mirror

hallway with cupboard and mirror on wall

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'I love the lilac alcove, it's where I think the colour combination really pops,' Hannah continues. 'The only thing I added, other than paint, was a punch-needle mirror that I made using yarn from my stash and a cheap mirror from Amazon.'

We think Hannah's done a fantastic job and you can see more of her colourful home over at @weeleithcolony on Instagram.

Renovating her flat on a budget, Hannah was keen to inject her style into each and every room. 'My husband and I don't believe in taking life too seriously,' she told independent retailer Leader Doors, 'and our flat is a reflection of that.'

What pastel colours would you combine in your home?

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