Perrie Edwards' statement staircase commands attention – designers love its 'visually striking effect'

It's a masterclass in bold hallway design

Perrie Edwards
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Perrie Edwards first rose to fame as a member of Little Mix, formed on X Factor in 2011. While she's typically famed for the girl group's hit singles throughout the last decade, it is her bold, striking staircase that we're now obsessed with.

Opting for the best hallway ideas is second to none in importance when designing a home. As interior designer Augustine Atobatele notes, 'A hallway is like the preface of a good book, an introduction, setting the tone for the rest of the home.'

So, in short: first impressions count – and the singer has made an unforgettable one by choosing a statement staircase idea, which she frequently shares on her Instagram profile.

Perrie's ballroom staircase is a design statement that needs no introduction. Although it boasts a more so 'simple' monochromatic hallway colour scheme, Sophie Clemson, co-founder and director of online interior design company, The Living House explains that it actually adds to the drama of the space all the more.

'The colour scheme being monochrome lets the architectural features of the staircase do all the talking,' she notes.

Sophie Clemson
Sophie Clemson

Sophie is co-founder and director of The Living House, an affordable online interior design company that specialises in creating homes that work for busy families. Sophie studied interior design at university and has worked within the industry for over 8 years. Starting as a designer for well-known high-street stores, she now has her own interior design business. Sophie shares her interior advice and tips on The Living House YouTube channel and blog.

Wide white painted hallway with black and natural wood console table furnished with home decor, hanging mirror, and hanging artwork

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Perrie has nailed his statement hallway design by utilising contrast to her advantage. 'The contrast between the bold black and the soft hues of cream and white hallway flooring and walls creates a visually striking effect,' begins Sahar Saffari, senior designer at Hi-Spec Design.

She explains that Perrie's choice of stair runner also plays a huge part in pulling the whole effect together, as the runner is a lighter grey, adding a mid-tone that makes the contrast between the white and black accents 'more subtle and inviting'.

Sahar Saffari
Sahar Saffari

Senior designer, Sahar Saffari has worked at Hi-Spec Design for over 17 years. She studied Fine Art and Architecture in Tehran. She was also a lecturer of History and Drawing at two universities before moving to the UK in 2004. She spends a lot of time in Spain, which helps with her creative work.

Wide hallway painted white furnished with home decor, plants, and hanging wall art

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How to create a statement in your own hallway

As far as sprinkling statement areas throughout your home goes, there's no better place than a hallway to get on board and try out a new modern hallway idea that's chock-full of character.

Augustine reminds us that a hallway is a 'fantastic opportunity to make a statement through lighting, art, and furniture'. This is exactly where you should let your favourite hallway wall decor ideas sing.

Augustine Atobatele
Augustine Atobatele

Augustine Atobatele is an interior designer and creative director. As founder of Studio Augustine, he continually draws on his multidisciplinary experience from science and art to create outstanding bespoke design solutions for both residential and commercial projects. Augustine’s specialised design approach strives to create a better way of living; encouraging a healthy mind.

Hallway, wooden staircase with Mediterranean tile wallpaper pattern on risers, green wicker chair, green wall mounted ceramic plates. Floral printed wallpaper and floor carpet runner

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The interior designer explains that 'a hallway should intrigue yet invite and comfort'. 

This means anything from large-scale paintings to table, pendant or chandelier-style hallway lighting, and cleverly considered furnishings that can also double as a hallway storage idea to maximise the often narrower and smaller entryway space.

Augustine adds, 'If the space allows, include a central table that can be adorned with books, ceramics or large branches. Circular shapes are good feng shui as they reflect the shape of heaven.'

Hallway with black and natural wood console table with home decor and hanging mirror

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Sahar echoes in agreement, assuring that these are the kind of elements that draw attention and create a personalised touch without extensive renovations. 

However, if you did want to upgrade your staircase to a similar 'wow factor' appearance, you could paint your bannisters to best suit your style and refresh the space. We know that black can be quite the dramatic design choice for many, so Sahar also suggests opting for brass or gold to give the same striking effect.

'Just like anything in your home, it's important to find a harmonious balance that reflects your style,' concludes Sahar – and these are all favourable options to elevate the look of your own hallway and give it that statement Perrie Edwards-approved sign-off.

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