Hallway colour schemes – the combinations that make an ideal first impression

First impressions count for a lot, so choosing the right hallway colour scheme is more important than you might think
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  • Looking for hallway colour schemes that will create an inviting entrance? A beautifully decorated hallway sets the tone for the rest of the house and introduces your own interior style for guests and loved ones as soon as they step through the door. From a palette of bright colours to dark navy hallways with an edge of grown-up glamour, check out these decorating ideas and be inspired.

    With literally every variation in the spectrum to choose from, deciding  between potential hallway colour schemes has got to be fairly nerve-racking even for the most daring decorator.

    When it comes to paint colour, you can either go for bold statement hues or choose a welcoming and soothing palette. Neutrals will obviously ensure that your hallway feels light and airy, but also consider light and mid-tone shades of yellow, green, pink and blue – pastel colours will feel cheery and uplifting. And, of course, there’s always the perfect grey paint for a timeless shade.

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    Be inspired by our pick of the best hallway colour schemes.

    1. Mix and match complimentary colours

    Hallway colour schemes

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Use your hallway as a place to experiment with complimentary colours. This colourful hallway scheme has boldly mixed coral pink with a teal blue, opposite colours on the colour wheel – and it works so well.

    The pink tone of the paper is matched with a runner to add an element of coordination, allowing the blue painted sideboard to really standout. Proving how well objects attract, as far as colour is concerned.

    2. Create a refreshing blue entrance


    Image credit: Dulux

    Traditionally small and narrow, the average hallway often lacks space and light. So select a shade such as Dulux’s White Mist to open it up. With a clean slate to work with, you’re then free to add a unique flourish, which is where painting the ceiling, the door, its surrounds and a stripe down one wall comes in. Dulux’s soft blue Mineral Mist keeps things fresh and conjures up a subtle coastal theme in the process

    All the shades here are taken from Dulux’s Easycare Washable & Tough range. This paint is more likely to withstand scuffs as marks, which in a high-traffic area like a hallway, is a huge advantage.

    3. Take tones to the dark side

    Hallway colour schemes

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Brooding dark walls are becoming more and more popular in the modern home. It’s often a misconception that dark can make a room feel smaller, which can be the case, but more often than not it creates a sense of space by almost pushing the walls out. It also great depends on the light, if your hallway has a great source of natural light it can totally take a dark wall colour.

    To prevent the dark walls feeling too overwhelming pair with white painted woodwork and bleached wood furniture.

    4. Create a golden gallery wall


    Image credit: Georgia Burns

    This hallway was the first opportunity for this home owner to take in her chosen jungle theme. She took inspiration from natural textures and raw materials and slowly but surely, this neutral colour split wall became a stylish gallery wall full of memories and treasures.

    5. Use artwork to add colour

    A porch was built onto the front of this house and the old front door was replaced with glass panels that let light flow into the hallway. Wide floorboards enhance the width of this generous hallway, making it feel even more spacious. Colour has been brought in through the abstract artwork.

    6. Opt for on-trend shades of calming grey

    Hallway colour schemes

    Image credit: Tim Young

    Make a great first impression in your hallway with a calming dove grey shade. Get a restful feel in your hall with a dove-grey scheme, using two shades on the wall for contrast. This soft mid-tone grey makes a great neutral base. Create a subtle contrast by using a darker tone for under the dado rail and a paler shade above. Lighten the look with white or cream furniture and glass accessories. It’s incredibly versatile, too. Look for shades that have subtle hints of blue or pink, and dress them using luxe metallics or natural textures.

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    7. Paint it purple

    Hallway colour scheme

    Image credit: Mark Scott

    Create a comforting cosy vibe with beautiful rich tones, such as the berry colour on this panelled wall. This look is super snug and wintery, with a draft-excluding curtain that will keep your home wonderfully warm – but the blue and white leaf-print curtain makes it more than suitable for the sunniest of seasons, too.

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    8. Make it fun and friendly

    Hallway colour schemes

    Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

    Create a hallway that can change with you, using a versatile mix of colour, pattern and hard-working furniture that’s easy to live with, and reflects your personality. This vibrant look is all about mixing up colour. Use fabrics featuring multicoloured prints as a starting point and you’ll have more flexibility when you want to update the accent tones in the future. If you want to up the glamour, add more jewel tones, such as turquoise blue, hot fuchsia pink and deep emerald green, to your palette for a more luxurious feel.

    9. Decorate with duck egg

    Hallway colour schemes

    Image credit: David Brittain

    This new modern rustic style takes elements of traditional country looks, but gives them a smarter edge that suits any home. Think chic without the shabby! Swap the floral-patterned wallpapers of classic country style for crisp, painted walls and matching woodwork for a simple streamlined backdrop. Duck egg is a great colour choice for a feature wall. Perfect for clutter-lovers, duck egg’s calming effect will offset busyness if you like to have a lot of stuff on show.

    10. Opt for sun-bleached simplicity

    Hallway colour schemes

    Image credit: David Brittain

    Bring the beach home by mixing weathered coastal colours, unfussy reclaimed-wood furniture and characterful seaside motifs for a look that will relax you as soon as you walk through the front door. Lighten the look by mixing in painted furniture in a classic country style. Avoid bold blues in favour of soft stone, sand, pebble-grey and shell pink.

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    11. Walk on the wild side

    Hallway colour schemes

    Image credit: Catherine Gratwicke

    This is a look that’s effective, but simple to achieve, as it doesn’t involve elaborate decorating everywhere else. It’s worth noting that the stairs have been painted white, compared with the dark-wood floors, to let the pattern stand out.

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    12. Hang captivating artwork

    Hallway colour schemes

    Image credit: Tim Young

    Choose a large-scale artwork and hang it in your hallway for an easy way to add character to your scheme. Pick something you love, as you will inevitably see it a lot while moving throughout your home.

    Black and white designs are good choices, but you could also go for something super colourful if you prefer a lively look. Consider your wall paint and how it will best show off your picture – the brilliant white walls here look fantastic, and really show off the blue details.

    13. Take pleasure in plants

    Classic hallway with leaf-print wallpaper

    Image credit: Paul Raeside

    Get back to nature with beautiful botanical motifs in your hallway. Having two similar plant prints on the walls and sofa adds to the impact, showing a deliberate move away from exact matches. Elsewhere the look is more low-key with the grey woodwork and stone floor.

    If you have period features, put them centre stage with a pared-back colour scheme, or you could use a different paint colour to highlight features such as dado-height panelling or skirting boards. Try using a richly patterned wallpaper or paint in recesses, nooks, just above the dado rail or even on stair risers.

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    14. Live au naturel

    Hallway colour schemes

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    Let nature take centre stage, the way it definitely does in this hallway, which is packed with natural elements, from the colour palette to the natural materials in the wooden floor and stone wall. The large window is a big bonus for nature lovers, too, offering views far beyond the confines of the hallway and letting the light flood in. We love the sea-life-inspired artwork, too.

    15. Make a hallway happy with daffodil yellow

    Hallway colour schemes

    Image credit: David Brittain

    Let the sunshine in with corn-field yellows and rustic woods – all inspired by nature’s best. Light up a gloomy understairs space with a butter-yellow wall covering featuring super-sized foliage.

    Do you feel inspired by these hallway colour schemes? Happy decorating!

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