Five lust-haves for the stationery freak

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  • Livingetc picks out the most stylish notebooks, diaries and folders

    Since we’ve yet to develop a genetically modified thumb for all that texting we have to do, we thought we’d, err, grasp the occasion and pick our favourite bits of stationery before perfectly presented paper becomes completely infra dig.

    Seriously, though, much as we love our tablets, smartphones and computers, we’re in danger of being swamped by the sheer amount of power cables, USBs, adaptors and convertors needed to keep a home office fully functioning.

    And, however well this wiring is stowed away to keep your worktop clutter-free, is there anything more aesthetically pleasing than a row of beautifully bound volumes sitting neatly on a shelf?

    So, before tech puts an end to the book for good, we’ve chosen some of the finest stationery available in the UK.

    1 The Feminist Notebooks Hot off the press at ‘therapeutic’ publisher The School of Life, this triple pack is an essential piece of kit for both boys and girls. Dedicated to John Stuart Mill, Simone de Beauvoir and Germaine Greer, these stylish tomes contain an introduction to the writers’ oeuvre as well as plenty of space to write down your own deepest thoughts. Just don’t buy one for Jeremy Clarkson, okay?

    £15 for a set of three, Edited

    2 Day-Glo GeorgianDesigned by Ben Pentreath and Bridie Hall, Pentreath & Hall’s stationery takes its cue from an original 18th-century, Gothic-inspired floor by Batty Langley, before bringing it thoroughly up-to-date with acid bright colours and strong geometric shapes.Available in A4, A5 and A6 sizes and in these four gorgeous patterns, the notebooks (plus matching boxfiles and magazine files) are priced from £11.50 each.

    3 Plan ahead
    Among the amazing stock at stationery obsessive Present & Correct are these X Foiled Planners, £25 each. Broken down like a diary into days and weeks, they’re the perfect means to plan out a campaign, whether it’s getting the kids through the summer holidays or managing the weekly shop.

    4 Making Hay
    Long a favourite with us here at Livingetc, Danish brand Hay does stationery just as stylishly as you’d expect. But if we had to pick a favourite, we’d plump for these Plissé folders.

    With plenty of room for your most prized and private papers, the fluorescent orange, coral and yellow designs will make an eye-catching addition to any office space.

    Plissé Accordion files by Hay, £19.95 each, Edited

    5 Old School Digital be damned – there’s nothing like a photo album in our book. And if we’re going to look back with nostalgia, we may as well go the whole hog and choose a classic retro design.

    Large enough to store 100 photos and with neat inserts in which to write memories of each occasion, these traditionally bound volumes cost £25 each at Present & Correct.

    Now, all we need is a shelf big enough to house all these beauties…

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