'I’ve given my home office an on-trend cow girl style makeover'

Inspired by her travels, interiors stylist Laurie Davidson gave her home office a fun Western-style update

office makeover with desk and chair
(Image credit: Wayfair / Alexander Edwards)

‘The office was one of the first rooms we decorated when we moved in and it was done quite cheaply,’ says Laurie. ‘It was pretty bland really – with white walls, and a really ugly storage unit. I wanted it to feel more ‘me’ and be a bit more attractive.’

‘I’ve always loved country style, everything about it, from the music to cowboy boots. And when I went on a US road trip with friends and stayed on a ranch, it solidified my love of that type of cosy décor with warm woods, rugged qualities and rustic textures. I think I was born in the wrong country really! Fast forward a few years and I knew exactly what look I wanted for my new home office scheme.’

Western-style office scheme

office makeover with desk and chair

(Image credit: Wayfair / Alexander Edwards)

‘One of the first rooms we’d decorated on moving into the house years before, it had only been given a very quick and easy spruce up. As a 1930s house with dated wallpaper, we’d stripped it and painted the walls white, but hadn’t got much further than that.’

‘I had a huge storage unit behind my desk, but it was pretty ugly, and I found myself wishing I had a more attractive backdrop for online meetings. It just didn’t feel like a creative space at all.’

The office before

office makeover before pic

(Image credit: Wayfair / Alexander Edwards)

‘I started with the office colour scheme and went for a paint shade called Isabel’s Bloom from Claybrook Studio, which is a nice warm peach – it reminds me of the colour of a sunset or setting plaster and would keep the room feeling light while also adding colour. Plus I thought it would go well with the wood furniture I wanted to include as well as accent colours of brown and terracotta.’

‘We’d already laid a laminate floor years before, and although I don’t love its grey colour, I was trying to keep costs down, so decided I’d just cover most of it with a big rug.’

Slimline office storage

office makeover with storage unit

(Image credit: Wayfair / Alexander Edwards)

‘As an interior stylist @lifeofaninteriorsstylist I quite often work with brands on projects, and Wayfair were a great choice for this room as they have so much variety in terms of furniture and accessories. I picked out a large desk with a wood top that matched the scaffold shelves I had on the wall, and a comfy office chair to match.’

'For the other side of the room I also found the most perfect chair to sit and relax in – it’s a faux cowhide print and exactly what I wanted for this look.’

Faux cowhide chair

office makeover with chair

(Image credit: Wayfair / Alexander Edwards)

‘It might seem strange to have another chair in an office, but it means I can sit in it to take meetings and use the little pull-out unit to put my laptop – like a little break-out space.’

‘The room had an old radiator that I wanted to disguise, so I picked out a radiator cover which I painted the same colour as the walls to help it blend in. It actually makes a great shelf that I use as a little tea station, with a hot water machine and mugs. As my partner works from home too, it means if he’s on a meeting I don’t have to disturb him by going through the house to the kitchen to make a hot drink, I can do it in my office.’

Scaffold-style shelving

office makeover with shelving

(Image credit: Wayfair / Alexander Edwards)

‘When it came to accessories – the best part of decorating in my book – I wanted some earthy, textured items that I could display along with some of my finds from holidays and travels. From terracotta candles to cane storage boxes and artisanal-style ceramics, I got a lot from Wayfair and they all came in at a good price point, to help keep me on budget.’

‘Ranch-style homes are notorious for their ability to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor living, so including elements of nature was key – I went for a mix of real and faux cacti and some willow stems in the corner of the room, plus a few plants from Leaf Envy.’

Roll-out filing unit

office makeover with filing unit

(Image credit: Wayfair / Alexander Edwards)

‘I didn’t want a wall of storage cupboards like I had before, so I went for just one unit on the back wall, and then this smaller design to keep desk essentials close to hand. It’s on wheels to so I can pull it out to where I need.'

Rustic-look storage

office makeover with storage

(Image credit: Wayfair / Alexander Edwards)

‘Before the makeover, this wall had a large unit with sliding doors, which although practical, was really unattractive. The new storage unit has given me somewhere to store some of my fabrics, paint swatches and books on the back wall.'

Space inside for drinks

office makeover with storage

(Image credit: Wayfair / Alexander Edwards)

‘While it's mostly used for storing books and office items, I’ve got one cubby reserved for drinks, which comes in super-handy. I like the rustic look to the unit and it has a faux concrete appearance for the frame.’

On-trend wall art

office makeover with wall art

(Image credit: Wayfair / Alexander Edwards)

‘Canvas prints in the same orange and brown colour palette add interest to the walls. I kept them small in size so they didn’t overwhelm the space’

Relaxing, rustic backdrop

office makeover with chair

(Image credit: Wayfair / Alexander Edwards)

‘When I’m having an online meeting, I often sit in this chair and wheel out my under-desk unit for my laptop and a cup of tea. The cowhide chair was a must for this room – it was either that or a cowhide rug, but I’m glad I went for the chair.’

‘I don’t think I realised how important it was to have an office that reflects my style, but since it’s been decorated I can honestly say that it makes me feel more creative and I love working in here. I have a big cat bed on the floor that my cats Chas and Dave often curl up in while I work and it feels peaceful, uncluttered and homely – it’s my Western-inspired space in a Surrey suburb!’

office makeover with coat hook

(Image credit: Wayfair / Alexander Edwards)

How to add personality to your home office

  • The beauty of working from home is that your office can be decorated however you like, so fill it with things that make you happy. ‘A home office is often a space that can be easy to neglect when it comes to styling,’ says Wayfair’s resident style advisor Dee Fontenot. ‘A room which you can spend lots of time in at your desk and taking calls, making it a space you love to be in with some extra personality can help to boost productivity and creativity. Laurie's makeover proves a space can be colourful and feel clutter-free, calm and inviting.’
  • Wall art is a great way to take an office space from bland to grand. ‘One of the easiest and quickest ways to transform a blank wall is to go for a gallery style of picture frames in a mix of sizes,’ says Dee. ‘If you have a set theme like Laurie's, tie wall art into the colour scheme and choose typography prints. Pops of greenery never fail to uplift a room either, and can add interest and texture while bringing in a touch of the outdoors. A large statement plant is a great addition for a zoom backdrop, too.’
  • Lastly, treat your office to a scent of your choice. ‘Adding a scented candle or diffuser to the space will enhance your chosen look,’ says Dee. ‘Certain scents like peppermint and cedarwood have the power to improve your focus, boost energy and calm the mind, making them a brilliant addition to your home office.’
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