Where to buy an office chair (that is both stylish and practical)

Check out our favourite places to buy a practical office chair without scrimping on style

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Whether you’re still working from home, your kids need somewhere to complete their homework, or you just want a dedicated space to catch up on your emails and Facebook stalk your old school crush, a home office is always a good idea. 

However, while no office would be complete without an office chair, finding the right one can be difficult. Not only do you need to find one that’s ergonomically sound, but you also need to find one that fits your home decor requirements. 

But no matter if you’re looking for Scandi office vibes or you’re hoping to add a bit of ‘quiet luxury’ to your space, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite office chairs (that are both stylish AND practical) from some of our favourite homeware brands. And we think you’re going to love them.

Where to buy an office chair - the quick list

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6 of our favourite places to buy an office chair

At Ideal Home, we’re all about finding the ultimate balance between our needs with our wants. And when it comes to our home offices, we want an office chair that matches our aesthetic and looks super stylish. But we also know that we need an office chair that will keep our backs intact and our posture perfect. 

So, we’ve searched our favourite brands and pulled out the best office chairs that will keep you comfortable and supported while still enhancing your space. The extra cherry on top of this very delicious cake? These picks will also suit every budget. 

1. Amazon

You probably don’t need us to tell you that Amazon is a lifesaver when it comes to decking out your home. And while it’s a great place to stock up on nifty storage buys, Amazon is also a great place to buy office chairs. With office chairs to suit all kinds of styles, budgets, and ergonomic needs, there are actually almost 900 office chairs available on Amazon. So, you’re sure to find one that fits the bill. 

Our star pick from Amazon just had to be this YOUTASTE Ergonomic Office Desk. Made from faux leather, it’s streamlined and stylish but still comfortable for the duration of your work day. It’s fully height adjustable and even offers a rocking function for extra support, and with 11 colour options, we’re sure one of these colours will fit seamlessly with the rest of your home office decor. 

2. Habitat at Argos

You can guarantee that Habitat at Argos will always have a range of home furniture to suit all budgets, and that’s no different when it comes to its office chairs. With a mix of chairs under £200, these office chairs won’t break the bank - but will give you a range of styles to choose from. With mid-century dupes, plush velvet chairs, and those that focus purely on ergonomics, you can understand why Habitat at Argos is one of our favourite brands.

There was no way that we couldn’t choose this Clarice Velvet Office Chair from Habitat at Argos as our top pick. After all, I’m sitting in it right now! Yes, as a permanent WFH-er, I wanted to buy a desk chair that was both comfortable and stylish, and that’s exactly why I chose to add this one to my home office. And as if the velvet upholstery and the golden accents weren’t enough to win you over, too, the gas lift function allowing for height adjustment certainly will. 

3. Dunelm

With so many discount codes throughout the year, Dunelm is quickly becoming our go-to furniture brand. And when it comes to its office chairs, it's certainly nailed the brief. Offering sophisticated and stylish options for the ultimate home office, this brand has catered to every corner of the market. You could pick up an office chair for as little as £50 or shell out more for something more design-focused and ergonomically sound.  

At Ideal Home, we’re always on a mission to add more pink to our homes. But we know this colour can go from tasteful to garish real quick, which is why adding pieces like this Connie Pleated Velvet Office Chair could be the perfect way to make your home office blush. With a mix of luxurious upholstery and foam padding with ergonomic armrests, this office chair offers everything you could need for your office. 

4. John Lewis & Partners

John Lewis & Partners certainly knows how to make a house a very luxurious and fancy home. Offering designer dupes and glamorous furniture options, this brand focuses heavily on the look of its office chairs - but that doesn’t mean they’re going to leave you with a bad back. Although it’s arguably more expensive than some other competitors, this is because it’s mastered the art of offering style and practicality. 

Made from faux leather and offering a super sleek and sophisticated look, this Radcliffe Office Chair is easily our top pick at John Lewis & Partners. With its foam-filled seat and ergonomic design, the brand claims that this office chair will support you throughout a full 8-hour working day. The added bonus? This office chair doesn’t have armrests, which means you can tuck it under your desk and keep your home office tidy

5. Very

Over the years, Very has grown to become a major player in the online furniture game. This brand offers extremely high-quality products that customers rave about, and that’s certainly the case for its office chairs. 

Although it has a smaller selection than some of the other brands on this list, what it does offer is both stylish and supportive. From classic chairs to on-trend designs, Very has got it all - and for a very reasonable price. 

The boucle furniture trend may have reared its head at the start of 2023, but it’s not going anywhere soon. That’s why you should snap up this Odyssey Boucle Leisure Chair before it sells out. It’ll instantly transform a drab office into the trendiest room in the house while still offering the user comfort. After all, the bucket-style seating and the gas-lift mechanism will help you to stay supported while you work. 

6. Wayfair

With almost 2,000 office chairs on its site, it’s no wonder that Wayfair is one of our favourite brands. It offers every kind of office chair on the spectrum, from corporate office-style chairs that focus primarily on comfort and ergonomics to designer-inspired chairs that would be perfect for the occasional user who wants to buy a real statement piece of furniture. Plus, its chairs suit everyone’s budget, no matter how big or small. 

There are so many reasons why this Mercury Row Silvis Desk Chair is our star pick. For starters, just look at it! We love this mid-century vibe with the curved wood and the contrasting white cushioning, and how can you argue with a price tag like that? But this office chair has also been designed with ergonomics in mind, meaning you can look good and feel good while you’re typing away.


How much should you pay for a good office chair?

While it’s entirely possible to buy a stylish office chair for under £50, it’s unlikely that this office chair will be ergonomic enough to get you through a full day without back pain. However, if you’re someone who will be using this office chair sparingly and for just short bursts each day, a cheaper office chair could be all you need.

If you sit at your desk all day, though, it does pay to spend a little more on an office chair that has been designed with ergonomics and back health in mind. For a top-of-the-range office chair, you should expect to pay between £100 - £300. Of course, this will also depend on the brand and the style of the chair. 

What is the best chair for sitting at a desk all day?

If you’re sitting at a desk all day, it’s better to choose an office chair based on its ergonomic capabilities rather than what it looks like it. A good ergonomic chair will bend to the contours of your back while offering the ability to adjust the chair depending on your size and shape. 

The aim is for the chair to help you sit up straight without forcing you to crouch or bend to complete your work.

Is it worth getting a good office chair?

If you sit at a desk for more than an hour a day, it’s definitely worth getting a good office chair. Although an ergonomic office chair will ultimately cost you more money, you’ll benefit greatly from it in the long run. 

A bad office chair could potentially result in:

  • Back pain
  • Bad posture
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Poor blood circulation 
  • Weight gain
  • Increased fatigue
  • Digestive problems

So, it’s best to avoid these things altogether and opt for a chair that has been specifically designed with prolonged sitting in mind. 

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