This Joseph Joseph laundry basket has helped me reclaim my weekend - it's made laundry day faster and easier

Fans on Instagram are calling it a 'laundry day game-changer'

Joseph Joseph laundry basket
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I have a fascination with any homeware that promises to make my life easier. I mean, who doesn't? As a Homes Editor, I get to see and test many clever innovations in household items. There is one in particular that I can genuinely say is a total game-changer: the Joseph Joseph Tota laundry basket.

I hate laundry day, and welcome anything that will help speed it up. I already own one of the best-heated airers in my goal to make doing laundry as quick and painless as possible. However, the Joseph Joseph Tota laundry basket has taken its place as my laundry day game-changer, it's made the whole process faster and easier.

Joseph Joseph Tota laundry basket

Let's start with what makes the Tota laundry basket so special. It features a clever design that allows you to divide your clothes into lights and darks as you go through the week. That alone isn't revolutionary, but each section has handles so it can easily be lifted out and taken to the washing machine. 

The final cherry on the top is an extra handle on the bottom to help you tip laundry into the washing machine. Like with every Joseph Joseph product every detail has been thought about to make this daily chore easier.

I was lucky enough to snag one of the Joseph Joseph Tota laundry baskets when it was on a Black Friday deal. I've been using it for a few months and I can't believe how much time I've reclaimed at the weekend not sorting my laundry into colour piles and constantly dropping socks when walking to the washing machine. 

I had thought my obsession with the laundry basket was unique, but it turns out I'm far from alone. In a meeting when I revealed I'd bought it, it quickly turned out it was at the top of many of the Ideal Home editor's wishlists too. 

The laundry baskets have racked up 100s of five-star reviews on the Joseph Joseph website. On Instagram, other shoppers have proved themselves to be as smitten, as I was commenting: 'Laundry game changer' and 'It’s sooo useful!'

The biggest downside of the laundry basket is the price tag. At the bottom end of the pricing scale is the Tota 60L laundry separation bag priced at £72 on Amazon, and it stretches up to £120 for the Tota trio 90L laundry separation bag

Joseph Joseph laundry basket

(Image credit: Joseph Joseph)

I took advantage of an offer that included the tota 60L laundry separation bag in grey and a collapsible laundry basket. This deal is still available, but is now £84 on the Joseph Jospeph site and £90 on Amazon.

For me, the sturdiness, size and ease of use have all made the Tota laundry basket a worthwhile investment. You can choose from a range of fun colours, and sizes and opt for a two or three-section bag, so there will be a model to suit your home.

Joseph Joseph laundry basket

(Image credit: Joseph Joseph)

But if you can't justify the cost I've rounded up a couple of alternatives that will still help you reclaim some time on laundry day, but at a lower price point. 

Alternative laundry separation baskets

Which one will you be using to speed up laundry day?

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