Can you use one cleaning product to clean the whole house? Experts reveal their go-to solutions

The pros and cons of using a single cleaning product around the house

An under-sink cupboard with cleaning products and supplies
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Cleaning cupboards are notorious for overfilling with cleaning products for every possible surface, room and item that you have in your home. But are all of them really necessary? Or could a single cleaning product tackle all of that on its own?

As spring has arrived, we’re all bound to do some spring cleaning and the one-product spring cleaning hack caught our attention. 

Also known as ‘omni cleaning’, a term coined by the Big Bathroom Shop, the cleaning approach uses only one product for the whole house. It is an intriguing cleaning tactic that can save money, space and time. And expose us to fewer chemicals. But is it an effective one? This is what our cleaning experts had to say.

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Pros and cons of using only one cleaning product

‘While it can be convenient to use a single cleaning product, it's generally not recommended as the best approach for thorough and effective cleaning,’ says Baqir Khan, owner and cleaning expert at Extreme Cleaning. ‘However, if you are looking for a versatile cleaner to handle most tasks, a neutral pH, all-purpose cleaner can be a good choice.’

Petya Holevich, Fantastic Services' cleaning expert, adds, ‘To clean your house effectively most of the time, you don’t need to invest in many specialised commercial cleaners, unless you’re dealing with very stubborn stains.’

So while unfortunately, it's a no to the one cleaning product for all approach there are other ways to slim down your cleaning cupboard.

Petya Holevich
Petya Holevich

Petya Holevich is an experienced housecleaning and laundry expert with over 5 years of dedicated time at Fantastic Services. Her journey with the company not only contributed to the maintenance of immaculately clean domestic spaces but has also put her at the forefront of training new teams, honing her leadership skills and elevating her communication abilities. This, in turn, has enhanced her communication with clients as well, ensuring an exceptional level of service and fostering positive relationships and friendly attitude.

A cleaning cupboard with cleaning supplies

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What cleaning products do you need?

As Baqir said, you can generally use an all-purpose cleaner for everyday cleaning tasks. But for deep cleaning, you should invest in a few more products as using just one might prove less effective.

Petya shares the three best cleaning products that can tackle most jobs around the house. ‘White vinegar, blue Dawn dish detergent and some baking soda should usually be enough to perform a house cleaning. That combination can clean almost anything, even the burned food on the bottom of an instant pot. You can use it on tile, grout, stainless steel, windows and all kinds of stains and it saves a lot of money.’

An under-sink cupboard with cleaning products and supplies

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That’s definitely good news for those that prefer natural cleaning hacks and anyone looking to simplify their cleaning routines. But if you want a little bit more in your arsenal than baking soda, vinegar and washing up liquid, then these are the essentials that experts couldn’t do without, not forgetting the necessary tools.

‘Most of the time, the cleaning products themselves won’t be the only important thing and you’ll also need the right cleaning tools and techniques,’ Petya explains. ‘For cleaning purposes, I’d strongly recommend having a squeegee, microfibre cloths, a duster and good scrub brushes.’ 

A cleaning cupboard with cleaning supplies

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Cleaning product capsule collection:

Best cleaning tools

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This should set you up for a productive and successful spring clean!

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