Could AI takeover your vacuuming? First look at Samsung's new AI vacuum

Are you ready to introduce AI into your home? Samsung's new Bespoke Jet AI Vacuum might have you tempted.

Samsung bespoke AI jet vacuums in black and white.
(Image credit: Samsung)

The presence of AI is undeniable, so whether you're keen to make the most of it or still a bit apprehensive, it's safe to say it's here to stay. It has made its mark on the workforce, and it's now making its way into your home, thanks to Samsung's newest vacuum with AI technology. 

We had a first look at the swanky new offering, and we were even able to try it out ourselves, to give you our initial opinion. It's no secret that we're big fans of Samsung's home appliances, but is it enough to make it into the best vacuum cleaners

The new Bespoke Jet AI features Samsung's AI Optimum Tech, and is the first cordless stick vacuum cleaner to receive AI verification from UL Solutions, a leading independent safety science organisation. It's able to identify the type of surface you're cleaning, and the amount of dust. This then optimises the suction power to give you a thorough clean, with maximum battery efficiency. So whether you have a house kitted out in carpet or you like to transition between area rugs and hard flooring, you'll be able to achieve an in-depth clean. 

It seems like a no-brainer to let AI make light work of your daily vacuuming tasks, but with this comes a higher price tag. With the original Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum coming in at £999.99, we don't doubt that the addition of clever AI tech means that this new release will be competing with this cost.  

So, is it set to become one of our new best cordless vacuum cleaners? We gave it a first try to find out. 

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Vacuum

Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Vacuum
Could AI transform your daily chores? Samsung's latest offering has all of the same top of the range features as the Bespoke Jet but with the added twist of AI. It senses just how dirty your home is to optimise every minute spent vacuuming - hard to say no, right? It's now available to pre-order for launch in UK from June.

The Bespoke Jet AI Vacuum takes all of the top features from the original Bespoke Jet, in a lightweight package with a longer run time. With a 280W motor, you can easily zip it around your home with the reassuring back up of two batteries and a 100 minute runtime (the longest single battery runtime of any Samsung cordless stick vacuum). It also empties straight into the clean station, making it ideal for those with dust allergies or, quite frankly, anyone who likes to avoid the dirty jobs. 

First impressions

We saw the new Samsung Bespoke Jet AI Vacuum in action, with bowls of cereal and sprinkles on hand ready to clean up. Alongside the carefully curated mess that we created, we could also try out the vacuum on both a rug and hard flooring to get a true test of how it performs. 

With a cocktail in hand (essential), we got to work throwing down the food in a way that replicates the daily dirt that would occur in your home. We then turned the Bespoke Jet AI on with a simple push of the button, and away we went. 

Samsung bespoke jet AI vacuum in black next to green sofa.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Our first thoughts were that it was super quiet. We were easily talking over it with our rave reviews, and barely noticed the sound as a factor. It also glided through the cereal and sprinkles seamlessly on both the carpet and hard floor, leaving a spotlessly clean path in its wake. The lightweight design, with a motor that weighs only 150g, also made it possible to easily multi-task by using it with one hand, but it still maintained a firm grip and suction to plough through significant crumbs. 

If you're a Samsung fan through and through, you will also be pleased to hear that the vacuum can be connected to the SmartThings App, so you can customise the functions and receive notifications for any maintenance.

This is all without commenting on the design - which is what immediately caught the team's eye. The space-esque appearance is reminiscent of the original Bespoke Jet Vacuum with a shiny all-in-one clean station that the device slots into. This means there's no need to tuck it away in a cupboard, you can leave it pride of place in your home ready to pick up quickly. 

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