How to save money on water bill – 4 expert-led tips you need to know

It's all about the small changes you can make now

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As water bill prices see a record increase from April this year, many households are now more than ever looking for ways to save money on their water bills.

As many have taken on becoming proactive in finding ways to save energy at home, following the cost of living crisis, the same claim can be made for all utilities. From cutting down the time spent in the shower to making home appliance swaps, there are many ways for people to manage their utility bills and cut down on the extra expenses if it can be helped.

Here are 4 expert-led tips to know if you're looking to cut costs and bring those figures down.

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How to save money on water bill – 4 top tips

1. Trial a water meter

Greg Marsh, founder of advises investigating whether getting a water meter fitted, rather than paying a fixed charge, as it could save you money.

'Your water provider will be able to tell you if you can save money by getting a meter, or alternatively, there are a number of online calculators that will let you check based on your household usage.'

It's important to check for yourself as it's on a case-to-case basis whether you'll be saving more, but often those with water meters tend to spend less as they're more conscious about their usage.

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2. Avoid boiling more water than you need

Using the best boiling water tap for your needs could also save you a lot of water in the kitchen as, in this instance, you never boil more water than necessary. Stephen Johnson, managing director at Quooker UK says that 'the tap will only deliver the exact amount of water you're using, whether it's for a large pot to boil pasta for the whole family or for a single cup of tea.'

If you're looking to adopt a similar practice without investing, then measuring out how much water is needed in your mug for tea or coffee before pouring it into the kettle or onto the hob is also a viable solution.

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3. Use the eco cycle on your washing machine

Laundry is often one of the biggest culprits for water consumption in your household, so cutting the cost of laundry in turn means cutting down your water usage. This can be achieved by using the eco mode on your washing machine.

'Although eco cycle or programmes vary by each manufacturer, they essentially are a dedicated energy efficient cycle that uses less energy and less water, all while achieving the same washing result as an average daily cycle,' confirms Elliott Gee, laundry product manager at Haier Europe.

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4. Shower smarter

Given the cost to run a shower, many are already looking for ways to save. Research has shown that you could save up to £128 on your bills by going for a 4-minute shower instead of a typical 8-10 minutes.

Additionally, investing in a water-saving showerhead like this one from Amazon can also help you save in the long run. Paul Stringer, director at Norton Finance says, 'Water-saving showerheads are widely available for under £10, and switching can save £76.91 per year.'

'Here’s how the numbers work: showers cost £256.36 annually on average for a family of four. By changing your showerhead to a more efficient £8.99 water-saving showerhead, you could use up to 30% less water per shower.'

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And of course, even if after these quick fixes you find yourself still unable to manage, get in contact with your supplier or go to to seek advice.

At the end of the day, it's all about every little that can help, as it's these small changes that ultimately make the impact in the end.

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