Frankie Bridge's coat hook wall is perfect for making narrow spaces in your home work harder

'It offers a great visual feature but is also super practical'

Frankie Bridge
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Singer and presenter, Frankie Bridge, took to Instagram to share some of her current wardrobe staples. However, what really caught our eye is her clever wall of coat hooks pictured behind her which we think is a genius way to organise a hallway.

It's no surprise that hallways and doorways are notoriously known for being small and narrow, which is why there's all the more reason to be crafty when considering hallway storage ideas.

And turns out, even the former Saturdays member is clued up on some brilliant solutions to help curb clutter and organise her collection of handbags. 

Frankie Bridge's coat hook wall

In a recent Instagram reel, posted by Frankie in a 'get ready with me' format, she films herself standing between a doorway, putting together a stylishly chic outfit. To finish off her outfit, she grabs a handbag from her clever coat hook hall, which features a vertical block of hooks at various heights.

While the video is filmed in what is seemingly her dressing room or a walk-in wardrobe, we couldn't help but think how utterly genius this storage solution would work in narrow spaces like a hallway.

'When it comes to organising small and awkward spaces, you have to get creative and utilise every nook and cranny,' adds Rachal Hutcheson, national retail manager at fitted furniture retailer, Sharps.

'For anybody without fitted storage pieces, maximising vertical space is one of the most efficient ways to keep things orderly and looking neat and tidy.'

This is why Frankie Bridge's coat hook wall is sheer genius. You get all the benefits of the necessary storage without it taking up extra floor space.

Neutral tongue and groove panelled wall hallway, stairs, brick terracotta brick floor, basket of firewood logs, coat hooks, storage bench, boots

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Commenting further, Simon Glanville, managing director at home storage specialist, A Place for Everything adds, 'A common mistake when choosing coat racks is to mount them too high and to not choose a large enough coat rack for your needs, which results in the family dumping coats and bags on the floor(drobe) or piling them ten-deep on a bannister.'

This is a hallway storage mistake we recommend you avoid where possible.

'Frankie Bridge's genius solution to this age-old problem plays to our mantra of 'always think vertically' when it comes to efficient use of storage space and wall space.'

Open plan house, under stair storage with pegs, hooks and shelving

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Simon continues, 'Mounting single hooks in both vertical and horizontal blocks offer a great visual feature but is also super practical.'

'Long winter coats can be hung high. The kid can deposit their school coats and bags at lower, easy-to-reach levels, avoiding that after-school carnage on the hallway floor and you can get creative, displaying your favourite handbags in a practical and stylish way.'

Even better yet, if you want to get the look for yourself, this is an easy DIY project that you can recreate in your own home.

Rachal at Sharps only warns, 'For hanging heavier items such as handbags, as Frankie has here, ensure your hooks can handle the weight and won't fall off or damage any surfaces.'

We think this clever storage solution is sure to maximise even the narrowest of narrow hallways, without scrimping on style.

And although many of us might not have a handbag collection as extensive as Frankie's, we're sure we can certainly find a use for a coat hook wall like hers any day.

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