HAY’s colourful, collapsible crates are the latest storage trend – we've found 5 alternatives for less

They're the ultimate flexible storage solution

H&M Foldable storage crate
(Image credit: Heal's/HAY)

If you’ve looked into storage solutions in the past year or so or opened Instagram in the same space of time, we’re pretty confident that you would have come across the colourful HAY storage crates. Or at least some of its more affordable reincarnations produced by other brands.

The HAY storage crates are a storage solution turned home decor trend that is perfect for holding and organising small and large items as they are stackable, foldable and available in a variety of sizes. But they do it in style thanks to their vibrant, colour-blocking nature since they come in many different colours, from pastels to bright primary shades.

And all of that also goes for their even more affordable lookalikes. Here, we rounded up the best ones, which don’t compromise on the original’s functionality or style.

Hay Colour Crates

(Image credit: Heal's/HAY)

HAY storage crate trend

HAY is a Danish design brand that’s popular among those favouring Scandi decorating ideas. And while most of the brand’s designs tend to be on the pricier side, the HAY Colour Crate available at Heal’s is an affordable way for customers to buy into the brand with prices starting at £6.

‘Since launching at Heal’s early last year, the range has been a consistent best-seller in our home accessories category,’ says Hannah Thistlethwaite, senior buyer at Heal’s. ‘This enduring popularity highlights the product's utility and versatility, as well as its ability to meet the diverse needs of consumers seeking both practical and aesthetic storage solutions.’

Why should you buy a colourful storage crate?

Sostrene Grene FOLDABLE BOX

(Image credit: Sostrene Grene)

It’s actually more difficult to think of reasons why not to invest in a colourful storage crate as there are so many more pros than cons to these products. 

‘Colourful storage crates by HAY seamlessly blend practicality, style, and sustainability, making them an appealing choice for those seeking modern storage solutions. Their versatile design can be effortlessly integrated into any room, providing a stylish and efficient means of organisation,’ Hannah says.

Firstly, it’s the perfect storage solution for small spaces. ‘Ideal for urban dwellers seeking efficient storage in compact spaces, these crates offer a stackable design that maximises vertical storage without compromising on style,’ says Alex Stubbs, Flitch interior stylist.

And if you work or study from home, it’s the ideal home office storage idea. ‘In home offices, the crates provide an attractive solution for organising paperwork, office supplies, or tech gadgets, while their vibrant colours can uplift the workspace. They also cater to students living in dormitories, offering a compact and transportable storage option for textbooks, uni supplies, and personal items,’ Alex says.

Dunelm Pack of 2 Foldable Crates

(Image credit: Dunelm)


Are HAY crates stackable?

Yes, HAY storage crates are stackable and so are all of the dupes that we’re recommending.

‘Their stackable nature allows for easy organisation and customisation, catering to individuals seeking practical solutions for storage in small or large spaces,’ Alex says.

H&M Foldable storage crate

(Image credit: H&M Home)

Are HAY crates foldable?

Yes, HAY storage crates and the dupes above are all foldable. So that you can collapse them and easily store them away when not in use.

It’s the perfectly versatile and practical way to inject some colour into your home, too.

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