Experts warn shoppers that air fryers will be the biggest scam this Black Friday

Buying an air fryer might cost you more than you anticipated this Black Friday if you're not careful

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With the best air fryers currently like gold dust to find in stock, scammers are preying on unknowing shoppers simply wanting to finally snag one this Black Friday. NatWest reveals that air fryers are predicted to be the new top purchase scam, as scammers are attempting to sell our sellout favourites online at heavily discounted prices that are just way too good to be true.

Air fryers are one of the most well-sought-after kitchen appliances to date, and many retailers are offering them at discounted prices for Black Friday. However, with so many deals live right now, scammers are taking advantage of shoppers' frantic scramble to get their hands on a top model.

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Shoppers should be aware of air fryer scams this Black Friday

NatWest has revealed that scammers are taking advantage of shoppers wanting to get their hands on appliances that will help them save energy at home amidst the cost of living crisis, from electric blankets to personal heaters, and at the top of the list? Our holy grail kitchen appliance: the air fryer.

Air fryers sit at the top of NatWest's list of top predicted purchase scams for 2022, as scammers are taking to the internet to try and sell these 'discounted goods' online, namely sites like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, Twitter, and eBay.

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A good way to spot these scams online is the heavily reduced price tag. Yes, we've seen some incredible deals get spotlighted in early Black Friday sales, but if you're seeing a top sellout model available to purchase at a surprising discount from a seller with little to no reviews on some rogue site, you might want to take a step back and look at the finer details before checking out.

Stuart Skinner, fraud and scams expert at NatWest said, 'Black Friday is a great time of year to pick up a bargain but unfortunately it is also exploited by criminals.'

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Another way that scammers aim to target shoppers is by selling the goods on a 'limited time offer', encouraging shoppers to buy under pressure before thinking things through correctly.

'If you’re being sold something at a knock-down price from a private seller on social media or a website you’re not familiar with – don’t do it. Your goods won’t turn up and you’ll be left out of pocket. If it’s an unusually good bargain for an item you know is worth a lot more, chances are it’s a scam.'

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How to avoid scams on Black Friday

Protect your bank details online

On your bargain hunt, be extra diligent to not type any valuable details into anything that looks suspicious or too good to be true. When shopping online always ensure that the page has 'https' and a padlock symbol before the URL.

If you're shopping on a website you've never visited before, it's also good practice to sign up using a strong password before handing over any valuable information like your bank details. It might also be worth using a credit card on your purchases rather than a debit card as the credit card itself will have anti-fraud measures in place.

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I think I've been scammed – who do I contact?

If you're in the unfortunate situation of believing you've been scammed, don't panic. If you've already given out your bank details or have sent money over, contact your bank and the police immediately and follow the necessary steps they'll provide you with.

To ensure you keep other shoppers safe so they don't fall into the same trap, report anything suspicious to ActionFraud, the UK's cyber-crime reporting centre.

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Black Friday can be an amazing time to finally shop the items that have been on your wish list for a while now, with bestselling products being offered at incredible discounts. But it's always important to stay safe and shop with caution – that's why we've made bargain hunting for an air fryer even easier with our very own live blog where we update you on where to shop the best air fryer deals live right now.

Happy air fryer hunting!

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