Lakeland has a new adjustable drawer air fryer to rival Ninja - and it's on sale for a bargain price

If you’re on the hunt for a hard-working air fryer at a decent price, look no further…

Lakeland flex drawer air fryer
(Image credit: Lakeland)

If you haven’t got yourself an air fryer yet, where have you been? Lakeland has been one of the brands helping lead the way by converting us to the quick and easy cooking appliance, and they've joined the flex drawer revolution with their new Lakeland adjustable drawer air fryer.

These styles of adjustable drawer air fryers have quickly claimed the top spots in our best air fryers guide. They provide all the perks of a dual-zone air fryer, with the added perk of being able to adjust the size of the two drawers to what you're cooking. 

The Ninja FlexDrawer air fryer currently holds the crown as the best one we've tried, however, if you're looking for a more affordable option the Lakeland Adjustable Drawer Air Fryer is currently on offer and a steal at £119.

Lakeland’s  adjustable drawer air fryer 

We think the new Lakeland Adjustable Drawer Air Fryer is a great alternative for the more expensive Ninja FlexDrawer Air Fryer we love and for several reasons. Both have a large drawer capacity that can be divided to allow you to cook two different things at once, to different temperatures and times, making them handy, multi-functional machines.

'This new adjustable Lakeland air fryer follows the trend that we've been seeing all year with our favourite small appliance: the opportunity to create more than one zone when cooking,' Molly Cleary, our e-commerce editor at Ideal Home and in-house air fryer tester and expert.

Lakeland Adjustable Large Drawer Air Fryer 9L

(Image credit: Lakeland)

'Kicked off by Instant and Ninja with the Instant VersaZone and then the Ninja FlexDrawer, this new style has been an instant success thanks to its versatility. Rather than have to pick between two drawers or one, you can set your air fryer up however you'd like on any given day,' she says.

'That's why it's no surprise that Lakeland has created its own affordable version, which looks intriguing, especially with the slimmer top half. We will be testing this air fryer out in the future to see how it measures up against the likes of Instant and Ninja!' 

The Lakeland model and Ideal Home’s much-loved Ninja model don’t appear to be too far apart in capacities and capabilities, despite the Ninja's bulkier build and the Lakeland air fryer's slimmer construction.

While Lakeland’s affordable air fryer has a 9L capacity which can be split to create two 4.2L capacity drawer’s, Ninja’s has a larger 10.4L capacity, which can be split into 5.2L zones for two independent and multi-functional cooking zones.

Both full-size drawers are touted as being large enough to cook a fully-sized chicken in, and both allow you to time your food so that, if you are utilising the two drawers, your separate meal components can cooking at the same time.

Lakeland’s model has an auto shut-off feature if the machine isn’t used for a certain amount of time, and while Ninja’s doesn’t have that, it does switch to a low-power Standby mode if not used in a 10-minute time period.

Ninja’s model is arguably more sophisticated, with a digital touchscreen control panel and more pre-set cooking programmes than Lakeland (including roast, ‘max crisp’, prove, dehydrate and rehydrate), but that is reflected in the price of £269.99. Plus, Lakeland's air fryer does have a few handy pre-set programmes, including bake, dehydrate and rehydrate, as well as special modes for cooking fries and chicken.

But what Lakeland’s Adjustable Large Drawer Air Fryer may be lacking in the technical, it makes up for with a more affordable price of £149.99. And that’s before the current discount of £30, taking this air fryer to the very reasonable price of £119.99.

We can’t wait to try it out and see how it matches up!


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