Nigella Lawson's red air fryer is on offer for less than £70 – here's where to get it

The cook-approved machine currently has nearly 45% off...

Nigella Lawson
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Nigella Lawson is always the queen of the kitchen in our eyes, and when watching Nigella's Amsterdam Christmas over the holiday break our eyes were peeled to see what she had in store for us and we were shocked to see her whip out an air fryer to finish one of her dishes.

In the previews, her kitchen fairy lights were the clear star of the show, but when viewing the BBC programme in full that was far from the only thing worth noticing, as Nigella's air fryer made its mark.

We've identified the cook's red appliances as the CONSORI Air Fryer 5.5L model. But the best part? It's currently on offer with a 42% discount, making it less than £70. 

COSORI CP158Air Fryer | was £119.99 now £69.99 at Amazon

COSORI CP158 Air Fryer | was £119.99 now £69.99 at Amazon

As well as boasting a standout red shade, this air fryer has a generous 5.5L capacity and 11 different functions from. Plus, there's over 50,000 reviews on Amazon giving it an impressive 4.5 stars.

In the Christmas show, Nigella used the machine to make crispy chicken skin to top her Indonesian biryani recipe, saying 'I have a little something extra for my biryani. When I cooked the chicken thighs they were skinless and that is because I removed the skin and whopped them at max in the air fryer to make chicken crackling to sprinkle over the top'.

While both white and pink air fryers have made their mark recently, this red model was the perfect addition to the festive kitchen scene needed for the TV special, pairing perfectly with her red Le Creuset and KitchenAid.

Red COSORI air fryer

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Interestingly, Nigella appears to be brand new to the world of air fryers, with The Sun reporting that she recently said, 'I know nothing of the world of air fryers.'

However, back in July she wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter), 'I’ve borrowed one, but have not really come to terms with it yet!'. So perhaps she's a new convert to the wonders of these fab machines. And trust her to find one of the most stylish ones out there...

Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer on kitchen counter

(Image credit: Cosori)

While we've not tested this exact model, we have reviewed the smaller COSORI Lite and gave it high marks for its power and style. While not available in Nigella's Christmassy red, you can pick it up in colours including navy and white.

We're looking to see how else Nigella uses the air fryer now that she's got to grips with it. And she's welcome round ours anytime she wants a run-through.

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