This white air fryer is serving up major stylish, Scandi vibes – and it's on sale for less than £50

Cook up seriously tasty dishes without compromising style and cohesion in the kitchen

Array of VonHaus' Nordic kitchen appliance collection on kitchen worktop
(Image credit: VonHaus)

When we think of air fryers, it's safe to say that they're probably not the sexiest appliance to grace your kitchen worktop. But, what if we told you that there is a white air fryer on the market that not only does the job but also looks super chic and stylish?

VonHaus have just launched a new air fryer to add to their collection of best air fryers, and yep you guessed it, it's white. The Scandi-inspired (and might we add, gorgeous) air fryer has caught our eye, and might just be deserving of a place on our worktop.

VonHaus Nordic air fryer cooking food

(Image credit: VonHaus)

VonHaus Fika white air fryer

The VonHaus Fika 5L Air Fryer boasts a cream and wood aesthetic (perfect for those with a Scandi-inspired, cashmere kitchen) and we can only imagine how stylish it must look on a kitchen countertop.

This white air fryer is visually pleasing, affordable, and could potentially rank as an option for one of the best small air fryers out there if we're talking looks. In fact, to add to the affordability factor, it's currently on sale for £49.99 from £69.99.

The generous 5L capacity means seasonal dinner parties will be even more accessible, allowing you to whip up delicious starters, mains, and desserts all hosting season-long – or, just for a cosy night in.

The white air fryer has a touchscreen digital display, includes 10 pre-set functions, a timer, and heats up to 200C. Following suit with the rest of VonHaus' air fryer range, the baskets are dishwasher-safe to help aid you in the task of cleaning an air fryer.

Array of VonHaus' Nordic kitchen appliance collection on kitchen worktop

(Image credit: VonHaus)

After having laid eyes on Urban Outfitters' pink air fryer and the vibrant Instant Vortex mini air fryer, you can pretty much guarantee that there's an air fryer colour out there to suit whatever your style.

However, if you're especially fond of the white air fryer look like we are, we've also popped a couple more suggestions you can snag at different price points.

Although it's always air fryer season at Ideal Home, heading into the colder months certainly calls for the need to shout about air fryers even more given that they're a foolproof way to make a quick, healthy, hot meal and save energy at home to boot.

But who said you can't hop on the air fryer train without sacrificing style and cohesion in your kitchen? With a white air fryer, you can have both.

Jullia Joson
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