Strokes of genius: 10 ways to inject texture into your home

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  • From raw wood to mock-croc wallpaper, it's never been easier to get the feel-good factor in your space…

    Whether it’s a faux-fur bedspread, faceted ceramics, a marble island or an exposed brick wall, there’s something undeniably homely about texture. Without it, a home can feel cold and sterile; with it, you immediately want to get all touchy-feely. Thankfully, the texture trend is big news in interiors right now. Here are 10 ways to make sure your home makes everyone feel good…

    1. With exposed brick

    We love that the trend for showing off brickwork is still going strong. As well as introducing must-touch texture into a room, it’s a pretty foolproof way to inject a hit of industrial luxe into your space. Don’t know about you, but we always have to cop a feel when we see a brick wall.

    2. With wood
    Maybe it’s because it helps us connect with nature, especially in its newly fashionable, rough-hewn form, maybe it’s because it’s just so divine to the touch, but wood is having a serious moment in interiors right now. There is a real artisan feel to the wood elements in this room, from the quite sensational oak headboard to the bark-effect wallpaper and super-smooth breakfast tray. We can think of no better setting to enjoy our egg and soldiers…

    3. With faux fur
    We defy you to not want to get up close and personal with this snuggly chaise, which ramps the glamour in this cocktail corner up to the max. That’s the thing about faux fur, it just makes you want to take time out to indulge in a spot of snuggling. Zzzh…

    4. With a clever bit of trickery

    Okay, so this one is technically a bit of a cheat but, boy, is it a stylish one. For while it may look like this wardrobe is covered in super-tactile, distressed tin tiles, this effect is actually achieved with designer wallpaper. Printing technology is so advanced now, it’s easy to give your walls the effect of wood (check out No 2), stone and even marble and eco-friendly exotic skins (Hello, No 6!).

    5. With velvet
    There’s something about the texture of velvet that gets us every time. Plush and oh-so-stroke-able, we just want to run our fingers all over its smooth contours. This sumptuous chocolate sofa adds a real hit of glamour to this living space.

    6. With mock-croc
    While we love the look of it, we wouldn’t feel comfortable putting real crocodile on our walls – no matter how rich we were – so this epic embossed vinyl wall covering is right up our street. Paired with the warm-hued brassware, it gives this bathroom an indulgent, darkly decadent feel that would appeal to eco warriors and designistas alike.

    7. With stone

    Although stone is hard and cool to the touch, it’s no less tactile than a more obviously touchable material. And from granite to this striated marble splashback wall, its subtle smoothness harnesses the awesome power of nature and adds a dash of tough luxe to any space.

    8. With leather
    Leather isn’t going anywhere any time soon and can now be found on headboards, floors and even embossed and topping tables in every shade under the rainbow. This subtle, perfectly padded creation, however, is the kind of power seat that helps get things done!

    9. With linen
    This natural wonder not only keeps you cool during those long, hot summers we’re sometimes treated to, but it feels deliciously indulgent too. We like to work it in subdued, earthen shades for gorgeously casual chic.

    10. With a cat!

    A living, meowing, textured work of art, a cat comes with the added bonus of being eternally warm, yummily purry, totally cuddlesome and whip smart. Designer dogs such as cockapoos, meanwhile, have soft, scrummy curls alongside that addictive undying affection. So it’s a win win whichever camp you fall in!

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