Style guide to leather sofas

Thinking of updating your sofa? Say no to neutral and join the leather revolution! Here's why leather sofas are a great option, whatever your style.

Neutral, fabric-covered sofas fit nicely into a classic greige room and work for pretty much any style, contemporary, trad or country, so it's no wonder they have been dominating decorating trends for so long. It's also a safe option for such a big investment, you want something that will last for a few rounds of decorating styles.

However, there is a leather revolution taking place! Not only is leather a practical choice that will last and last, it goes hand in hand with the rising trend for braver colour choices for walls; rich tones of leather work perfectly with a dark, moody palette.

room with leather sofa and table

(Image credit: DFS)

Gower Leather Grand Sofa in Walnut, £1,899, DFS

Traditional Eclectic

The classic, button-back Chesterfield shape in rich brown tones works perfectly against a dramatic wall colour.
It can sit with anything from an eclectic mix of industrial inspired furniture to more traditional styles, or bridges the gap between the two.

room with Satchel vintage leather sofa

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Patrick 3 seat sofa in Satchel vintage leather, £3,240,

Polished leather in rich chocolate and brass studs adds an air of gentleman's club that can be softened and updated with unexpected accessories and furniture choices.

room with Cal Smoke sofa and lamp

(Image credit: Furniture Village)

New England Newport in Cal Smoke sofa, £1,695, Furniture Village

Mid Century Modern

Like a good pair of tan leather shoes, this gorgeous colour will age beautifully over time. Contrasting perfectly against medium or strong colours on the wall, it would also make a Scandi statement against white. Go for a streamlined, boxy shape rather than a slouchy couch for a smart Mid-Century style.

room with axel leather sofa and grey wall

(Image credit: West Elm)

Axel leather love seat, £1,799, West Elm

Or check out the new design below, an update in leather has transformed this sofa, the angled shape and tapered legs have all the classic traits of the Mid-Century style but the leather finish gives it a 70's vibe that would make a covetable choice for a cool, contemporary space.

room with zinc leather sofa and white wall

(Image credit: DFS)

Zinc Leather 3 seater sofa £1,695, French Connection range, DFS

Neutral lovers

A strong or moody palette may never be your cup of tea, but a neutral scheme doesn't rule out leather as an option. Beautiful buff tones work wonders with grey and pastels on the wall, against weathered wood or painted furniture.

room with sofa and white wall

(Image credit: Raft)

Embassy sofa, from £1,355; Raft

For a sleek, contemporary room, where white leather might be the obvious choice, taupe or grey tones are gentler alternatives. Try an unfussy shape, with a low back. For added luxe, the sofa below has a super discreet built-in recliner too.

room with Salzburg recliner leather

(Image credit: Dwell)

Salzburg recliner leather three seater in ash grey, £2999, Dwell

If the thought of light coloured leather fills you with fear, a darker tone will still work, but go for a matt finish, in a rounded, marsh-mellowy soft shape.

room with beaten leather sofa and wooden door

(Image credit: Loaf)

Orson sofa in dark chocolate beaten leather, from £1195, Loaf