Strictly’s Amanda Abbington shared a snap of her living room – and it sports one of this year’s top trends

The actress offered a glimpse into her cleverly designed space

Amanda Abbington portrait
(Image credit: Getty Images/Stuart C. Wilson, Stringer)

We love it when our favourite celebrities share a glimpse of their homes. Actress Amanda Abbington, who’s currently one of the contestants on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing competition, is the latest who took us and her Instagram followers behind the scenes to her home and we spotted a major interiors trend adorning her space - the colour drenching paint trend.

When Amanda’s not busy starring in the likes of Sherlock and Mr Selfridge or rehearsing and dancing to the tunes of Out of Reach by Gabrielle on national TV, she can often be found chilling at home in her chic living room with her Dachshunds. A green living room, might we add, drenched in the forest shade. What effect does it have on the space? And is this something you should replicate?

Amanda Abbington shows off her green living room

In her Instagram post, Amanda shared a shot of her living room anchored by a fireplace with a mirror above it. It was captioned, ‘Current view. #decorated #painting #love #peaceful’. 

With this image, Amanda demonstrated how colour drenching is a very useful paint trend to elevate a room with, as she’s matched her book shelves to her dark green walls for a seamless living room idea

But first thing’s first - what exactly is colour drenching? 

Tranquil Blue paint

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Colour drenching is a design technique where an interior space is saturated with a single dominant colour or a closely related palette,’ Sam Sutherland, Flitch interior stylist, explains. 

‘By using a specific colour or a combination of shades extensively throughout the room, including walls, furniture, textiles, and decor elements, you can create an effect of a cohesive and immersive environment.’

Sara Ripamonti, co-founder of Aflux Designs, goes on to explain why colour drenching often results in a more luxurious, put-together look. ‘From neutral colours to deeper, darker tones, colour drenching can easily elevate the look and feel of even the smallest room - turning it into a sophisticated space to enjoy. Opting for the same colour across all elements of the room, from walls to furniture and accessories, blurs the boundaries resulting in a sophisticated aesthetic that can stand the test of time.' 

Sunlit Coral paint

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

‘The depth of the chosen colour will also add an element of drama, for example, a deep green will always look more striking than a more neutral colour palette,’ Sam points out. 

Amanda obviously couldn’t get it any more right and we’re obsessed with the result.

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