Do you sit on your sofa with outside clothes? This viral Twitter debate might make you think twice

This debate has got us seriously second-guessing our own cleaning practices

open plan living area with green velvet sofa and glass coffee table
(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

Do you sit on your sofa with outside clothes? A viral debate is heating up on Twitter, suggesting you really shouldn't, and calling into question how often you really should be cleaning your sofa.

If you refuse to sit on your bed with outside clothes, you might want to consider bringing that same principle to your sofa too. Considering how often this key piece of furniture gets used on a day-to-day basis, not even the best sofa is exempt from staying spick and span all the time.

After seeing a viral debate unfold on Twitter, it's even got us second thinking about our own sofa cleaning practices.

open plan living area with green velvet sofa and glass coffee table

(Image credit: Future PLC / David Giles)

The 'outside clothes on sofa' debate dividing Twitter

When it comes to the bedroom, many of us may have our own unwritten house rules that we like to uphold – with one of the top ones being never letting your outside clothes touch your bed to keep your sleep sanctuary clean and pristine. For many, keeping that separation is important for us to feel comfortable in our homes.

But the question is: why keep that separation only in the bedroom? Should the same not be done for other parts of our home, such as the living room and kitchen? Or is it a completely different ballpark?

Dark sofa with white and navy cushion with hanging artwork, dark oak wood coffee table and books on top

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A tweet of a tufted rug with the text: 'Please don't sit on my bed with your outside clothes' took Twitter by storm, igniting a debate among many individuals, and gaining over 30 million views.

Twitter user, Kemi Marie, added to the debate saying, 'So if you sit on your couch with outside clothes how often do you wash your couch?' which got people thinking about the last time they indulged in this household chore.

Kemi's replies are filled with responses claiming they don't sleep on their sofas so it doesn't matter to them, while others admitted they haven't done so in a while and needed the reminder to finally clean their upholstery.

'I'm just saying, I feel like the couch should be just as clean if not more clean if that's where people are designated to sit,' adds Kemi. 'I had couch covers so I just ripped those off and washed them weekly just like I did my bedding.'

However, investing in one of the best upholstery cleaners definitely pays for immediate quick fixes. You could even try the baking soda sofa cleaning hack for giving it an immediate refresh before any last-minute guests.

Blue velvet sofa with patterned cushion next to black console and artwork

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Of course, while many viral sofa-cleaning hacks may surface on TikTok daily, experts warn you to always research prior before trying anything that may potentially cause damage to your furniture.

Let's just say, this debate has definitely made us start thinking twice about how often we really should be cleaning our sofa, or any piece of high-traffic furniture in our homes, for that matter.

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