Dirty little secret: New survey reveals that 1 in 10 Brits take their pets into the shower with them

Always multi-tasking? You're not the only one. New research reveals us Brits eat, drink, exercise and even give our pets a wash whilst we're having our daily shower. Phew, we're a busy lot!

If you're one of those people who take really long showers, then I've got news for you folks... your secret is out!

A new survey has revealed exactly what you bathroom hoggers are doing - eating, drinking, exercising and even washing your pets whilst in the shower!

dog with shower cap

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The research, conducted by shower manufacturer Mira Showers, has revealed that one in five of us are taking multi-tasking to a whole new level as we use our 'precious' shower time to catch up on much needed snacks and drinks.


But staggeringly, one in 10 of us Brits actually take our pets into the shower with us, choosing to use the time to give our furry friends a wash, too. Yuk, we can only imagine how much pet hair there will be in there!

pets shower kit

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The research has also revealed that one third of us are partial to an alcoholic drink in the shower.

The same percentage also admitted to incorporating exercise into
their daily shower routine. So, whether it's sit-ups, squats or dancing, as a nation we're clearly very serious about staying in shape!

bathroom with green tiles and shower

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Whilst many Brits may find the pet sharing thing a bit bizarre, they're still multi-tasking in the shower, with a whopping 78% admitting to making mental lists and 35% practising work presentations whilst showering.

A quick survey here at Housetohome shows that, apart from the odd alcoholic beverage, we're a pretty lazy lot, using our shower time to, well, have a shower!

And I can categorically say, there is no way I'll ever get the cat in there with me...

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