The 12 stains of Christmas – how many are you now faced with?

We bet you'll be able to guess at least seven of them!

The festive season is still in full swing and that means plenty of parties, unscheduled family drop-ins and late nights spent in front of a roaring fire. But with all the excitement comes an inevitable increase in spills and stains caused by one too many glasses of brandy, overexcited pets and hyperactive children.

Carpet cleaning experts Bissell have come up with a list of 12 stains that are most likely to occur over the Chirstmas period, and fortunately they have a solution to all of these mishaps.

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Cleaning up the 12 stains of Christmas...

christmas tree with sofa and coffee table

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Colin Poole)

1. Chocolate

December is all about gorging on chocolate coins and selection boxes. So you're likely to have more than one occasion where, in a flurry to hide just how much Christmas chocolate you've consumed, it ends up being trodden into the carpet or squished into the sofa.

2. Glitter and glue

The kids are off school and they need entertaining, and craft is the perfect way to keep them busy. They can make Christmas cards or decorations to hang around the home. Unfortunately with that comes the threat of glitter, paint and glue being splattered everywhere, including all over your carpets and rugs!

3. Mulled wine

One of the best things about Christmastime is the warming, delicious, comforting taste of mulled wine. That is until you or Aunt Doris have had one too many and end up with half a glass seeping into your cream carpets - eek!

christmas mulled wine

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4. The aftermath of mulled wine...

A couple of bottles seemed like a good idea last night, but this hangover is filling you with regret. Accidents happen, but at least Bissell's carpet cleaning solutions have you covered!

5. Gravy

No Christmas dinner is complete without lashings of gravy. But it can become your worst enemy when a kitchen helper knocks the ju, and Grandma's special recipe splashes all over your floor.

6. Pet accidents

Bless our furry little friends. They can get so worked up with the excitement of it all that they leave us a little unwanted present.

7. Pine needles

Nothing beats a real Christmas tree, but those pine needles get everywhere and boy can they be spiky to stand on! You may not have guessed this one as they're not generally known for their staining qualities, however pine needles secrete tannin which can leave behind ugly stains on wooden floors.

christmas tree with lights and presents

(Image credit: Future PLC/Claire Richardson)

8. Cranberry sauce

The crème de la crème of all condiments, though it's vibrant colour means it's a real culprit for staining the carpet.

9. Goose fat

It may taste great smothered over your roast potatoes, but on the floor it can leave a really nasty stain.

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10. Muddy footprints

No Christmas Day is complete without a festive walk. But you'll always have that one relative who forgets to leave their wellies by the door, traipsing a trail of muddy footprints through the house.

11. Eggnog

There's no use crying over spilt milk, but spilt eggnog? You can imagine the nasty smell that will leave!

12. Soot

It's not only children, in-laws and pets who ca create a mess at Christmas. the big jolly chap who pops down the chimney on Christmas Eve can also leave a path of soot and dust!

If you're worried about seeing all of these stains at Christmas, get yourself a portable carpet washer such as Bissell's Stain Eraser to ensure that the stain don't last any longer than your Christmas hangover!

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You can now enjoy Christmas without worrying about the mess it will leave on your carpets!